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21 Feb 2013, 20:40
I been following this WOE for four weeks now and have already lost 9kgs, which I am thrilled about. For the first fast days my energy levels where quite low, I felt more cold than usual. Now my energy levels are normal on a fast day but I still prefer it to not be an extremely hectic day. I'd much rather stay at home working than having a busy work day outdoors.
I noticed two quite different positive side effects:
I used to have to start using reading glasses but because I had only got cheap ones which probably weren't the right ones,
I kept putting them on and off, both ways (with or without glasses)
didn't feel right. Since starting the fasting my eyes seem to have gotten better, I don't need to use the reading glasses at all any more.
And my muscles seem to want to move, they feel less floppy. I had quite a bad cold and therefore wasn't even able to do any of my regular exercise which I usually do 2-3 times a week. And still my leg muscles felt less tired and more...

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First, a bit about the weekend!
We got away, despite the snow, arriving on Thursday evening to a hard frost instead.
Good job we have an excellent heating system. We were soon warm and wolfing supper - home made curry.
We'd made a conscious decision not to have a big fry up each morning (a former bad habit of caravanning) and to have salads for lunch. A blowout posh 3 course lunch on Sunday meant I couldn't eat anything else till Monday!
We did a fair bit of walking in some sparkling sunshine.
With some trepidation, we both got on the scales this morning.Hub has lost 2lbs this week and, since Thursday, I've lost 1 1/4 lbs.
I'm very happy with that!!
Partial fast yesterday and full fast again tomorrow should soon see me 'back in the groove'.
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I am still in awe of the 5:2 plan. After years, make that decades, of trying to lose weight and never getting even close to a healthy BMI I have now done it easily. I now recognise real hunger rather than boredom as a trigger to eat. I'm making healthier food choices and I know what my body is capable of.

The benefits have been great. Healthier, happier and more confident. I admit I do check myself out in shop windows and am pleased with what I see. It is great, if a bit expensive being able to buy nice clothes in tiny sizes. Yesterday I tackled a long flight of steep stairs on a bush walk that used to leave me hauling myself up by the handrail. I climbed them with no assistance from the handrail at a decent clip and only breathed a little heavier when I reached the top. I can also do push-ups!

I do greet the fast days with a little bit of trepidation. I'm a bit sick of miso soup! I have to remind myself that it is only for a day and then I can get back to normal. The one thing I dislike...

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I am losing weight at a very rapid pace: 1.5kg in 6 days!
That is beyond anything I was expecting, especially as I was only aiming to lose 2kg. I eat well on feed days but I am very careful not to over-compensate, so I don't reckon I eat more than 2000 calories.

My only problem is that I am exhausted. I keep falling asleep when I get home from work, then go to bed before 10pm every night and sleep right though until 6:30am. I feel so tired even when I wake up. Did I lose weight too fast? How did that even happen? I had been trying to shed those last few pounds for months without much luck.

I will post in the forum to see what people have to say about the tiredness issue.
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Weight loss has been a bit slow because of a few health issues but I'm back on track. When I look at my stats it's not all bad. It averages out a just under a pound a week, which is my goal, so not so doom and gloom as I was feeling. Also my body fat percentage is moving faster down than my weight so fat is being replaced with muscle so that's great. :like:

Fasting is still OK but it's more a case of "bother I don't get to have my favourite breakfast today" than anything. I'm trying to turn it around to think "My favourite breakfast is going to taste really good tomorrow." And it does! I'm finding on food days I'm not even getting close to the calorie allowance and I'm feeling completely sated. What is great is that I can have a treat if I want and I know it'll be ok. That's the great part, no guilt.

The thing that amazes me is that I can exercise quite vigorously on...

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