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It seems my weight loss is slowing down. After that big drop to 56.5 kg last week, I haven't really loss anymore weight. In fact I saw my weight crept back to the 57's over the weekend (damn weekends!) I knew this is going to happen, afterall I'm already in the healthy BMI range so it is to be expected. Still the fluctuations this past 8 days doesn't make me too happy.

The last few days I feel like I'm becoming too obsessive with the weight loss. I tried to relax over the weekend, as I set weekends as my rest days. I went out for a long walk around Limburg with my husband and had a very nice time, but still I can't shake off the weight loss thoughts. I don't like this.

I did another full fast yesterday, and it brought me back to the 56's kg, so that's a good thing. But mentally I still feel slightly defeated. I want my weight to just keep going down, no jumps like now. I know it's an unrealistic expectation though.

Last night I kept thinking whether I should do another full fast today....

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visited a takeaway on weekend
didn't understand kilojoules and
very nearly didn't eat!
Had to come home and get a conversion going. Theres more numbers in the jilojoules than in
I am so new to all this Kj and Kc
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So this week, call it stress or just feeling a bit more relaxed with this WOL, but I have been eating a little bit more than I usually do. Granted I have a whole 2100 calories per day at my disposal (which I don't even think I can consume!) but I haven't been so worried about weighing EVERYTHING and only having fat free/low fat foods. I feel very liberated. Although somewhat worried that I will undo my fasting by consuming more than I normally do and it will hinder my weight loss. Either way, I'm happy that I can eat like a normal person again a few days a week.

I'm still not at the point yet where my body doesn't realise that it's not hungry, I'm so used to just munching. Even when I fast my body isn't even hungry, I guess not really. I wish I could just eat smaller portions and feel full but my brain and my body don't seem to connect. I don't ever really feel satisfied. I even drink a pint of water before meals to fill my tummy but alas, nothing yet. I'm hoping the more I 5:2 the smaller...

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Feeling good this morning just had a sneaky weigh in and yep 2lbs off. Feel so much better for seeing some weight loss this was just the incentive I needed, this going to be a fab Friday with a cheeky glass of wine tonight as a treat too. An extra bonus is the That the sun is shining also so will be able to get out for a walk this evening after work and blow the office cobwebs away, great start to my weekend .... Hope you all have a fab Friday too :grin:
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I have read the book, planned my meals but feel quite anxious about fasting tomorrow. Can't believe how much rubbish i have eaten today worrying about whether I can actually do this diet .... is this normal xx
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