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I did have major surgery, honest, you wouldn't think it to see me the day after surgery though. I had a disk removed from my neck as the disk was crushing my spinal cord, and had a bone graft taken from my pelvis to pck out the space and fuse to the rest of the spinal and finally the two vertebrae and the graft were bolted together. I was fully expecting to be bed ridden for days and on the sofa at home for weeks. But I wasn't. I went in on the Tuesday at 7am, booked in etc and on the ward later, then down to theater at 1pm. I came to in the recovery room and was instantly offered a cup of tea. I was shocked, I had never been offered a cuppa after surgery before and when I went up to the ward I was given my dinner straight away as well. There were some post op niggles to do with my water works, but it turns out it was a result of the nerve blocker they had used. The next day I was on crutches hobbling around the ward and was so well I had my X-rays at 5pm and was discharged before 6pm....

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I had lovely food yesterday; a generous serving of guacamole with rocket, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, asparagus and a couple of flax seed crackers.

It looked beautiful and I expected my glucose levels to have dipped today, but not so.... I don't seem to get things down to much under 6 in the mornings. I clearly have a surge in the early hours and seem unable to do anything about that. I have tried taking cider vinegar and a few nuts before bed, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Anyway, 5.6 is much better than the 9 which I saw a couple of times over the last few weeks.
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I fasted last fall for 21 days with church. I learned so much and was drawn closer to God through more prayer and bible study. Funny thing is...I lost zero lbs.

The whole point was not for weight loss, of course, but I have learned something else since Fasting 4:3. It is easier. Drinking smoothies for meals was filling for a time but abstaining for hours is easier to me and I've lost 14 lbs. : )

Am I keeping busier? Maybe.
Do I stay prayerful? Definitely, as this helped me conquer emotional eating.
Am I avoiding food on purpose? I cooked so much bacon yesterday I filled a gallon bag. Temptation was not there to eat. (Preparing for a trip...we don't eat that much bacon! Lol)
Am I drinking more water? Some...but I've added ice tea and am loving that.

I don't have the answers. Fasting has saved my health. I can't wait until the weight is gone (I have 58 lbs to go). I'm actually looking forward to my physical in August...never said that before! Really hoping (with this site...

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as it has been 6 months since the start of this journey I went to see my GP to have bloods done again to see what the improvements were- sadly not as good as expected- glucose down but cholesterol up, so I am not sure what's happening seeing as I have lost over 1.5 stone.
the good news- my GP is very interested in the 5:2 and seriously thinking of starting her journey!!! and I met up here with an old friend- how lovely that was to see her here!!
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Well, it continues to go well. I have now lost half a stone. This week I have decided to do 3:4 as my holiday is only just over a week away and I wanted to make as much progress as possible. I was also reading the advice on here about weighing every day and then taking an average. Up to now I have been reluctant to do this as I think that if I am heavier one day it is too disappointing. Still, this week has been amazing so far - the weight has been steadily going down: this morning it was 9-3.75. I am hoping to get to 9-2 before the holiday. The good news is that I can now get into most of my safari trousers - some I will even need a belt with!

I was thinking about holidays - I am fortunate in that I do have quite a lot of them and often I do not enjoy them or am hugely stressed by them as I have nothing and I mean literally , nothing to wear as I have refused to buy bigger clothes whilst my weight kept on going up! Once I get to my target weight I will...

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