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Half a pound down last week, half an inch off my waist and almost another 1% body fat. Wow. Was not expecting that at all. In fact I was expecting to gain.

I gave myself the day off on Saturday. No calorie counting, a bit weyhey I suppose to celebrate, but also I had resolved that it’s ADF all the way to Christmas now.

Liquid fasted yesterday. Went very well:

Calories 372
Carbs 28% (26g)
Fat 65% (27g)
Protein 6% (6g)

Breakfast bulletproof coffee. Lunch and dinner carrot and red lentil soup. I made enough for tomorrow's fast day.

Plus yesterday's exercise was chest, shoulders, tri's and abs in the gym, plyo’s this morning and I also have a yoga class too. I didn’t train on Saturday hence me doubling up today, but did my steps. I also did double duty on Friday but didn’t quite finish the second workout as I was feeling a bit wobbly towards the end of it and I didn’t want to compromise my form. All this training is a bit unprecedented for me.

I have increased my weights t...

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Well I am still feeling very positive yes I know I am still only on day 3, but I have just signed up for the Valentine challenge which I do hope will help to keep my motivation and will power going, as it would be absolutely great to have lost 12lb's by then. :crossed: just hoping that not a little too ambitious :?:

When I woke this morning I was so very tempted to have another fast day but resisted the temptation as I would really like to know how 5:2 works for me first, instead of doing my usual hell for leather give it all in fist week or 3 then loose motivation and or will power. :roll:

So I am defiantly going to stick with 5:2, I am still a little undecided weather to do Monday &...

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First day - jumped right into a fast day - no point starting the new way of eating on a none fasting day. Plus it is a tuesday so I can then do Thursday as well and get it done before the weekend.

Planned it out with what I had in my pantry. Boiled egg to start (waited till 10.30am), tuna and cucumber for 'lunch' going to wait till 2.30 and go for a walk as well. Then I have half a banana to help me hold out till dinner tonight which is malyasian laksa soup. All totaling 475 calories, which is a bit under.

I am surprised I am feeling quite good so far. I havent done the no eating thing since I was a teenager, but it is refreshing and I am enjoying the control. As people say it is refreshing to know that it is only for today. I anticiapte that it will feel better than the constant dont eat more than 1400cal I have been on for about a year.

Looking forward to getting into a rhythm and pattern of it.
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Weight loss has been a bit slow because of a few health issues but I'm back on track. When I look at my stats it's not all bad. It averages out a just under a pound a week, which is my goal, so not so doom and gloom as I was feeling. Also my body fat percentage is moving faster down than my weight so fat is being replaced with muscle so that's great. :like:

Fasting is still OK but it's more a case of "bother I don't get to have my favourite breakfast today" than anything. I'm trying to turn it around to think "My favourite breakfast is going to taste really good tomorrow." And it does! I'm finding on food days I'm not even getting close to the calorie allowance and I'm feeling completely sated. What is great is that I can have a treat if I want and I know it'll be ok. That's the great part, no guilt.

The thing that amazes me is that I can exercise quite vigorously on...

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So I've joined the club for people who are around the early 70kgs - I'm 72.2kg, last weighing. The idea is we try to get to under 70kg by Christmas. I'm a bit unsure because setting goals and then not reaching them can be discouraging. Now I have learned that the Club President wants us to weigh daily until Christmas. What gets me about weighing, is that I can weight so much, then step off and on the scales again and weigh something else entirely. I'll do this however. I know a lot of people swear by daily weighing, so I'll give it a go. Nothing to lose.

I am pretty comfortable with twice weekly fasting now. Last week we went to Hobart and had a counter tea with friends. I fasted. I had a miso soup at Ross and then a rocket salad with roast lamb for dinner and NO WINE. That was the only slightly hard bit as everyone else was enjoying a good red. Still, I felt great that I had managed to stick with it.

Today I don't feel at all hungry. I have forgone the Miso soup. I wonder if Summer...

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