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Didn't have time to fast this week, as one of the kids birthdays :frown: , but have stayed the same - that's good, going to try harder next week, and have started today to take the dog for a long walk each day. :oops:
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I do not know what is wrong with me but I cannot stop eating. I am working hard at stopping when I feel full but know this is not enough. If I could just manage one fast I know I will feel better. If someone has borrowed my will power I need it back now please.
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went on holiday with my mum and decided it would be best to skip the fasting for a week as she'd only get worried and think i have an eating disorder. like you know those parents who always make you eat a LOT and get super worried if you don't have seconds or skip dessert? well mine are like that (no wonder i've had weight problems since i was a kid but my parents are lovely and i guess it's a generation thing. when they we're growing up food wasn't as readily available as it is now).

so anywho, i came home yesterday and now it's fasting monday as usual. but i didn't gain any weight during the holiday so that was nice, but we went to London and walked around 7-10 hours every day so i got a lot of excercise. :)

but i felt sort of... heavy without the fasting. the fasting makes you feel so fresh and energetic so i missed that.
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With two big holiday events in the past 10 days, my eating parameters have suffered a bit to say the least! For some reason I just could not get myself to fast this past week AT ALL, plus those two events of pure indulgence, and here we are a pound up this week. Oddly enough, I don't feel too very poorly about the rise. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and apparently my body wanted a bit of a break.

But we do not allow this to continue on for long! That would be ever so dangerous, and I would end up back where I started in less time than it took to shed the pounds. Back to keeping on keeping on!

What I've learned these past 2 weeks:
Our relationship with food, ourselves, and the best ways for us to continue reaching our goals are not static, but rather dynamic. I'm all for sticking out with one way of eating to let it run it's course and to actually see results. So, please, don't think I'm saying to get your head turned by some other way of doing things after having only done things one way...

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A really nice summer recipe coming in at around 370 calories .
On a bed of little Gem Lettuce add some cherry tomatoes and cucumber . Boil 2 or 3 new potatoes and a stem of asaragus .Slice and place around the salad . Bake a piece of salmon , skin off , about 100 g . Place on top of salad with a runny poached egg ! Add a very low calorie dressing or make your own using lemon juice herbs , capers and a fash of white wine vinegar . Obviously weigh and calorie count but all should come in around 370 cals . Delicious !
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