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My mood continues to be very low but I am sticking with this. Food has always been my comfort when depressed so I have to find another way. I am working on that. My two fast days this week have not been successful but I going to leave them behind and look forward. This is a hard journey for me but I am determined to keep going. I have a lot of damage to undo and know it will not happen quickly. I will continue to work on getting rid of snacking as I know this stops my weight loss and can trigger a binge. I very much feel that all my years of following diet plans has made me this way and created a bad relationship with food. It is both my best friend and my enemy. I have started to view it as just something I need that can be enjoyed. It is the fasting, when I manage it that has made me see this. My goal today is to have no afternoon snack. I will report tomorrow if I have managed it!
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So - major pig out last night with the hubby - eating out is something that should be enjoyed not controlled and as we never seem to have any us time we made the most of it - have decided to do my first fast day today and have brought supplies in readiness - having black coffee for brekkie as never good with that one anyway - have some exceptionallay low cal crackers for lunch (taking kids to the cinema) and a nice low cal soup for dinner - fingers crossed - am thinking second fast day Saturday :?:
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So, after a few weeks of experimenting I have probably lost about, well maybe quarter of a lb but that's fine coz now I know what my short/long term plan is.

Short term: Starting today, keep a rough cal guide of what I've eaten on non fast days, keeping to about 1800 a day for the next month. At the end of that time my brain should know what "normal" is :oops:

Long term: Carb meal night before fast, no breakfast, tea with s/milk and water till evening meal of 500 and regular 2 fast days a week.

Time as they say will tell :clover:
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When I started this new lifestyle (I specifically call this is a lifestyle, because I want to live like this forever, not just before bikini season!), I decided to blog about it to stay on it. I never had a blog before or participated in an online community before, so thank you in advance for bearing with my boring anecdotes, off-topicness, and unnecessary details!
I started this a month ago, with my first fast day being way easier than I expected and pleasantly lost two pounds in one day. :victory:
But on my second fast day, toward the end of the week, I had a horrible case of overeating and broke my second fast. I was scheduled for vacation late the second week, so I had to fast Monday and Tuesday. I gave up on Monday again because of over eating and decided to take the week off. I started again officially next week.
Last week was the best! I did 4:3 on accident! I lost three pounds!...

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Quite interested in pursuing other goals than weight loss, given that the original programme only treated weight loss as one of several side effects of fasting. So what am I hoping to get out of this?

Currently obsessed with cycling but not impressed that I am so slow, especially on hills. So I want to increase my speed to 25kph, hence my username. Yes, I realise that this is about losing weight, but I have no idea at what weight my Inner Chiselled Whippet (thanks Boris Johnson, you're good for something) will emerge so speed is my benchmark.

Reduced cholesterol. Statins are least effective for older women so as soon as adverse side effects clicked in I ditched them. No history of heart disease and I exercise and don't smoke, but all the same...

Improved brain function. Have suggested elsewhere that this could be included in our tracker but tried the balance test this morning and managed just over 2 seconds. That's got to improve!

End over eating. I just don't think it's a particularly...

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