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monday work 1130-8pm

weight- 162 lbs fat 38.8 muscle 28.5

exercise- 10 min jog 10 min walk on tread mill. 3.6 and 5.0
felt good doing it.

AM...My numbers have improved. 4.2 lbs lost since 6/19/13 . Twelve days not bad
Husband said he noticed that I lost weight. Not sure I can see it. My clothes are still tight somewhat.

it is 859am and I am not feeling the grumbling yet. I plan on having
an egg and cherry tomatoes for lunch
v8 and chicken broth, tomatoes for snacks
dinner will be Wendys salad since I am working late and that is an easy way to calculate.
I might have some gatorade when I get home depending on how I feel. If I get the dizzies again, I will have some gatorade on ice.

I had Husband watch the documentary. He really is serious about losing weight. He can work on the smoking after he gets his weight down and confidence up.

I love eating on my regular days with no guilt. Eat what I have a taste for. No calorie counting. I don't even put the info in myfitnesspal....

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After the oddness of having fasted on a Monday, am feeling brilliant this morning. Woke up fairly early but am feeling raring to go. Reflecting back on the way I used to eat, as this is a non fast day, I will have a bowl of soup at lunchtime. I used to have four slices of bread slathered with butter and cold meat or cheese, as well as the bowl of soup, and then perhaps to gild the lily, a packet of crisps. Or perhaps two. Goodness knows, if I hadn't had that lot I might have died of starvation between breakfast and dinner.

It's the great thing about this way of life (it's not a diet) is the discovery that I can be hungry and that's fine. In fact it's better then fine, because I operate much better at work when I am not stuffed. I am thinking that I might try to eat what I used to eat as an experiment. If anyone's looking at this have you tried it?
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yes- we did it again and it was not too difficult- cannot wait for weigh-in tomorrow morning!!!
A friend who is trying to loose a lot of weight goes to slimmingwor;d and is convinced that because she pays there- £5 a time!!!!! she looses weight- or to loose weight you have to pay! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!!
I told her about this WOE and she just laughed it off- it cannot possibly work because I don't pay for it.......
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I have done 3 fasts this week and have lost absolutely no weight! Gutted!
I have lost 3" off my waist in last couple of weeks, but really thought the 4:3 would get me down to 12 stone. This is only my second week and I expected a good loss, but no :frown: I'm still 12st2lb

I had a stressful day yesterday and was incredibly close to giving up my fast day.
Electrician turned up at 8am and told me he needed to go into my bedroom. I pleaded with him no. ended up crying and shouting at him that I obviously was allowed nowhere to call my own. My husband came up with the solution of him taking a ladder upstairs and sending our teenage daughter into the loft!
The hoist installers turned up at 11ish and 2 hours later informed me what they'd brought with them wasn't compatible and couldn't be fitted upstairs. Lots of phone calls and 4.5 hours later and the decision has been made that a new system...

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It’s treating 5:2 like just another diet, to impose expectations, if weight loss results aren’t “good enough” or as expected, time to quit and look for something else. But…if results are simply what they are and not an end in themselves, it is what it is, not an invalidation of 5:2.

By TRULY seeing 5:2 as a WOL, one can settle into it as such, rather than seeing it as a means to an end (losing a particular amount of weight). Oh, and hurrying up to “get to” maintenance! Wow, if I’m ever worried about getting TOO skinny, pinch me!

I think it’s particularly hard for those of us who’ve spent years dieting; it’s hard to make that switch from a temporary “diet” to a lifelong WOL. We tend to project ourselves into the future and base our assessment of “how it’s working” on how fast we are getting to that desired future. Is 5:2 really so unpleasant, so undoable? Not really, at least not for me.

This is also why I cannot allow myself to fall into certain traps…
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