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Day two of 'eat days' and enjoying having what I want , a glass wine , crisps, bit of this and a bit of that . Interesting that I know hardly anything about calories I haven't looked at calories since the 80's ! Due in part to weight watchers and sliming world, I know, points and sins ( a name that always bugged me ) and free food . so a bit of a learning curve on this, but it's still not rocket science, pizza high , apple low..... Hardly taxing ... On a side note do rocket scientists say oh its hardly a diet when they have to do difficult stuff :wink:
Although I am indulging a little generally eating much more 'mindfully' and I don't actually want so much rubbish food, and normal,portions are leaving me stuffed, not mooching about the kitchen randomly opening cupboards and the fridge on the hunt for more
Plus from thur last to today, which is 2 fasts I have lost 2 lb which is a bag,of sugar...

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Another grim day. This bout of depression is one of the worst I have experienced for a long time. I have to grab the controls of my life as this cannot continue. I am eating too much of the wrong stuff which is not helping me. Next week I am going to fast three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help me get control. After that I will go back to my usual two days.
I feel I have to stop eating biscuits, factory made ones that is, as I do not know when to stop. I am also picking too much, anything really, bits of cheese, dried fruit. I am not helping myself so this has to stop. I am an intelligent, practical and strong person and I have grabbed control of my life before, I can do so again.
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Still the same as last week, 10st 6lbs, but given four days of bad behaviour that is pretty good! "How good"? I hear you cry... well on Monday morning the scales said 10st 12lbs :shock:

I Fasted Tuesday, did without breakfast and kept to just under 1500 cals on Wednesday, Fasted on Thursday and exercised two days as well.

This week we have a 4:3 opportunity starting on Sunday, then Tuesday and Thursday again. Mr LJ? Put on two pounds - he ate that cake I avoided on Wednesday and some random biscuits and possibly some items that he has conveniently forgotten about :cool:

I hope you are all pleased with your results, even being on this Forum is a positive thing so good luck to you all :clover:...

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Want to thank @auriga for getting in touch to see how I'm doing. We were around the same weight at Christmas but I think I have gained since I got here and she has continued to lose. So tomorrow is another day and I'm ready :cool: no idea what I weigh but so long as I stick to the protocol I know I will lose :like:
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Well what I expected to be ligament trouble again is not. Doc referred me to the physiotherapist (again) & she poked, prodded, pulled & pushed & told me she thought my knee pain was a touch of arthritis :shock: She is arranging an x-ray to be sure.

She also advised using a walking stick when it's painful. A walking stick!! Need to avoid stairs too. A walking stick!! Physio gave me an exercise to help strengthen my quads but my goodness is it painful - eye wateringly so. She said if I don't, eventually my knee will start giving way which will lead to falls & broken bits & pieces.

Consequently this has affected my exercising. Getting into the gym is now a challenge. Bearing in mind the physical terrorist advised to avoid stairs where possible, I need to go up 2 flights to get to gym reception, go down 2 flights to changing rooms, back up 2 flights to the gym room, down 2 flights...

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