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Current Actual Weight: 71.1kg (11 stone 3 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.0kg (11 stone 5 pounds)

With the results that I showed at yesterday's weigh-in, it would have been tempting to have a completely free day and go over the top with my calorie and carb intake. However, the experiences of the last few weekends show that I am still very prone to some big weight gains when I do that and although I have then been able to quickly reverse those weight gains, I have always had to revert to putting in place, a reduced calorie day in order to do so.

That is something that I don't want to have to do and so, I made that sure that I was still a bit careful with yesterday's calorie intake, albeit in a slightly more relaxed manner. Yesterday began in the manner in which my feeding days usually begin, with a breakfast of two slices of bacon with two scrambled eggs and a tomato. With that, I had an apple and a glass of milk. I then had my gym session which went very well except for the poor performance...

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Do my eyes deceive me? Have I taken wobbly weight off at the "feddoobedah" bra strap region only to make it appear lower down? My bra does up further along the 3 clip positions...but the scales still show a range of possible numbers not far from my starting point.
Has my waist settled a bit narrower than before, just to send kilos plummeting on to my ankles or somewhere below navel gaze? I bought a swimsuit a size smaller than the prior one I have worn to shreds.
Ah well! Weight must be piling up somewhere on me as it's certainly shifting about on my mirror image...must be brain gain!!!! Believe it if one can. I'll believe that and continue to enjoy 5:2 days with a light meal and lots of water. :dance:
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week two of the 5:2 diet and must admit only did one day last week as i feel one day will be sufficient. all week ive ate and drunk and ate and drunk and managed to stay around the 10st 4 mark so thats a 2 and half pound weight loss in one week.
so far for today ive only had cups of tea aa keeping myself busy so no breakfast. my body neess this detox today been none stop drinking all weekend as was on a hen doo. ive not been working out as much as id of liked as just had not enough hours in the day to start a routine this.week but its back to work monday so it will be gym gym.gym.after work.

so lets see what the scales say in the morning....cant weight...ha get it :grin:
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Nearly 5 years, my how time flies. My current weight is 135, and I have decided to start fasting more often to get to my goal of 128. Anything between 128-132 is good these days. I have been around 132 lately but think I gained a little or it’s the salty foods, time will tell.
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So...I did it! I don't know if I can actually say that yet, given it's only 10:04 am and I did eat a super light breakfast. After excitedly and, to be perfectly honest, a little guiltedly looking at the obligitory "fatty" photos, DH and I decided it best to embark on our journey with a little something in the morning, followed by our low-cal victory dinner tonight. I didn't want to send him to work without a little kick start (he was so cute leaving with his flask of tea this morning :victory:). It's been 2.5 hours and I'm starting to feel the pangs...

I read that hunger comes in waves. I hope so. I'm trying to keep busy but I'm running out of things to do (my current job is looking for work - I'm a contract teacher). Although, I'm grateful nobody called me in for work today - I think I feel a little safer knowing I can make myself a cup of tea or lay down if I'm feeling a little...

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