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I am excited say that I am nearing the end of my second fast day, and the end of my first week! Today has been harder (light headed, not focusing well at times) than my first fast day but I am looking forward to eating again tomorrow :victory: I can already tell this is something I will easily be able to incorporate into my lifestyle. I am not necessarily doing this to lose weight, but for the health benefits (ditching a few lbs wouldn't be a heart break :wink: ) I have an identical twin sister (who is not doing the fast diet, and does not have celiac disease, unlike like me) and it will be interesting to see how we compare after a few weeks of this program. I am a patient person, but I can't wait to see and feel the results! Maybe after my twin sees my results I will be able to get her to join...

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Yesterday, thursday was my 2nd fast day and again a workday. Work was busy but not as crazy as monday and I was less cranky. Or at least I think I was less cranky. I did have one coworker ask if everyone was PMSing at the same time? She works with us a couple times a month and thought everyone was cranky.

I did end up getting a protein bar at 1am because I could not sleep, had a headach and jumpy legs. Not sure if this was a bad habit returning as I worked nights for so long and 1 am was "lunchtime" and for a couple of years after I went to days I still got hungry at 1am. We will see next week if this is a problem or a one time thing.

Felt pretty good today and was able to run/walk and move around without problems.
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... Under this morning and forcing myself to go for a walk.

It's a feast day so I feasted on four M&S Irish potato farls. At 100 cals each they're not exactly health food but I could count them as breakfast and lunch, right?

I know we're not 'meant' to count calories on Feast Days, but I can't be completely uncontrolled or I would eat the whole packet - and open another one. They're very moreish.
And, basically, they are flour and potato - all refined carbs so my blood sugar will be rollercoasting!

Anyway, am using the blog as a journal to note down what I've eaten and to slow down the process of scoffing more. Off for a walk now, will buy the papers and sit in the sun somewhere to read them.

Hope you all have nice days planned.

EDIT: Uh-oh, well that didn't go to plan. Went for a walk. Bought a double scoop ice-cream - delicious. Sat in the sun and read the Sunday papers. Then did a shop and - stupidly - bought marked down iced buns and meringues. Ate 3 iced buns (150 cals apiece)...

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Well, I decided after my nasty BP reading to start this diet on Dec 31. Had been experimenting and reading about IF, after seeing the Horizon programme but with moving house and all the building work prior, not been able to concentrate properly.

Now 3 months in, very happy I did this. Did ADF to take any element of choice away and to eat more basically. Had a bit of a slow start until OH pointed out a pound = 3600 cals and I was only really restricting that amount of cals a week, so it was going to be slow.

Lost a pound every week since except for last week, which was fine as lost 2 the week before. I've taken up more exercise and generally feel very well. I did have headaches to start with but sorting out my general diet has meant I have to think now if it is a fast day. The first month and weirdly week 10 were hard but otherwise this is so much easier for me than daily calorie restriction as I do love my food and cooking, both in volume! ...

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Is booze. It always has been. I could give up anything but that.

I've been a daily drinker for the last 10 years or so. So I really thought I would struggle with 2 days off for 5:2, but its been easy. One of the reasons I enjoy liquid fasting, is that having no meal means I don't get the open-a-bottle trigger. But I don't want to cut out drinking on my feed days. So I'm working hard on my eating plan, to make sure I eat really well, and can have some wine, within TDEE. So far so good.

And 16:8 really helps with this - I open my window around 11ish, so I have wine with my dinner, then the cork goes back in the bottle.

So I'm not even contemplating a dry January, but I'm happy that I'm going to be able to enjoy a civilised drink at the end of the day, without sabotaging myself.

(why do I detest people who begin a sentence with So, but I've happily just done it above ?)
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