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I have started on a new phase of the 5:2 diet yesteday. I didn't eat at all until dinner time. I had a cup of coffee at breakfast time, went to work, had a cup of tea at recess time, and again at lunch time, then I went until dinner with nothing to eat. I was very nervous about doing this and had 2 miso soup sachets in my purse and an orange in my bag. Amazingly I didn't need them. I was pretty hungry by the end of the day and we had a fairly big meal of salmon, tofu, broccolini with an Asian sauce. No rice, was the difference from a normal day. It astounded me that I didn't feel sick, or even very hungry. Not faint. Nothing. I just got on with the day. It was a work day so it will be interesting to see how I go on Monday, which is a home day.
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I hope this is really my last attempt to go back to a normal weight for life! I am 45 years old and was a skinny girl until adolescence hit and started gaining some weight. I am a typical apple :frown: so getting rid of my huge belly has been my struggle.

I moved from Mexico to France when I was 26 and there I learned to eat really good food, drink wine and beer but somehow I managed not to gain weight, so I was still a little overweight but not awful. I guess the fact that I was active and my food choices were not that terrible helped.

But 5 years later I moved to USA and OMG! without noticing at first, I started gaining weight until I was about 20 pounds overweight in just over a year! :shock: I just started buying larger clothes sizes, and didn't really think about it. I don't even remember how I...

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I am noticing that I am having a hard time eating my calories. I never had counted calories in my life so with this woe I do count especially on fast days. Out of curiosity I am calculating my calories on feast days. I am getting below my needs. The reason? I get so full easily! It may be also due that I eat healthy generally and salad with no dressing is not calorie laden. I also seldom eat after dinner and I have dinner no later than 6pm.

I am not forcing myself to eat ‘healthy’ as I LOVE vegetables and what not. If it was not for the love of beef I would not mind being a vegetarian.

For example today I had a 200 calorie breakfast and a 460 calorie lunch. That leaves me 1040 calories for the rest of the evening. I can really enjoy dinner for sure for the amount of calories there!

Yesterday my boss gave us a huge bag of chips each. I was fasting so I did not touch it, I am not fasting today but I am not touching it as I don’t really like chips nor the flavour he gave me so I’ll bring i...

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Another week on 5:2 has passed and I am starting my 7th week today.
I usually consider Saturday as my official weigh in day, but this week it comes after a fast because of bank holiday on Thursday here in Italy. I usually fast on Monday and Thursday, but I switched to Friday so to enjoy the family meal.
Weight wise I had a very good week. I stayed most of the days in the 75kg range and today it is 75.9Kg. Looking at my chart I can see that in the last days the yo-yoing is peaking always lower, meaning that I am loosing weight, even if it seems that I am struggling a bit more to get to the lower 75 or even 74kg range.
My training is going fine and I am increasing the mileage (done so far 58km this week) and will have a short run today and a loger one tomorrow morning that will bring me around 85/90km this week. Next Saturday I have another 6hr race and I really will try to reach the 60km during those hours hopefully beating my PB of last year of 58.2km.
Speaking of PB, it is a few days...

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Good! Have filled in my food chart on fatsecret and am under my feed day calories. Or at least I will be when I have had dinner. I have planned four weeks of dinners staying within calorie allowance for both fast and feed days. I have also written shopping lists so I always have what I need. This is how I stayed on track with WW.
Today I have had no cake or biscuits or chocolate and I do not want them. Tomorrow it could be different but it is one day at a time for now. I know how quickly it can all go wrong!
Life continues to be hard but I just have to get on with it!
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