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Today is my last day at work, then I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks. During that time we'll be visiting family and celebrating Christmas with our families. This means multiple feasts and lots of goodies.

I'm a bit nervous about all the food. But I'm also thrilled to report that I was down another pound today. So I'm ending the year with my lowest weight in years. Yeah! This is a huge contrast to last Christmas where I had to buy new fat pants before our trip because nothing was fitting.

My next interim goal is 2.8 pounds away. I look forward to achieving that in January. I do plan to fast during the holidays, but expect that if I manage to come out the other end without a gain, then I will have succeeded.

Happy holidays everyone!
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I started the Fast Diet 3/21. My first fast day was actually very good. I felt pretty good most of the day, only a dull headache. I didn't feel very hungry. I chose to eat one meal at dinnertime. My second fast, this past Monday, wasn't as easy; I wasn't really hungry but felt very tired, headache, and difficulty concentrating. Because of the Easter holiday, moved my third fast day to Wednesday instead of Thursday. This fast day went very well. I was not hungry, felt good, but did have a mild headache. So my results for my first week was 3 1/2 pounds lost and 1 inch off of my waist.

I'm actually really thinking that is going to work. I'd like to lose about 23 pounds then reevaluate to see how I feel at that weight (I've never been that low in my adult life). Instead of this just being another temporary diet, I think I can continue to do this for the long run. I really like the feeling of control that I have on my fast days. Even better is how I feel the day after. I feel...

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Time for an update of my blog.

I have been the election coordinator for the Braddon Greens for the Federal election. Braddon is my electorate in the north west of Tasmania. It has been absolutely full on. It was like the weeks before Christmas or the weeks before the matric exams or something. Everything was focussd on one date and my mind was constantly fixated on the next job. I couldn't think about anything else or properly relax.

We didn't get a good result overall, but the Greens weren't wiped out, as had been predicted by various commentators and we did have some successes. In Tasmania we got our Senator over the line which hadn't been a sure thing. Even though the Government is not what I would like, I don't feel despairing because I certainly did my bit and couldn't have done more than I did.There's comfort in that.

As for dieting. my September weigh-in was also somewhat disappointing. No loss. A small gain. I'll just keep on keeping on because I don't have a better way to...

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Realise I never post what I'm having on a food day... well fasted yesterday and wasnt hungry until lunch time today so had a bit of ham and 2 slices of nimble for lunch at 1pm at work. Came home and had an afternoon snack of a 3 small slices of baguette with a bag of crisps and a refresher ice pop (only 56 calories!!) and 2 gingernuts with a cuppa and dinner in our house tonight was a very lazy burger and chips and beans all around - hold the bap on mine :).

Have no idea what calories that comes in at! But dont care as still refusing to count on non fast days...

Still planning to squeeze my third fast day for the week in tomorrow... but hubby comes home at 5pm from work and that's us on our hols so if I'm honest I can see a few glasses of wine on the horizon... maybe I should just hold 400 calories for 4 bacardi breezers and have 100 calories worth of salad for dinner ... i think that could work!!

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I've heard people say the fasting gets easier, and I think they might be right! Today was my second fast for the week and I hardly felt hungry at all! As ususal, lunch was my first meal of the day. Usually i'd have a snack late afternoon before I leave work. That's because i'm so scared i'll be starving when I get home i'll shove something in my mouth I shouldn't. Today, I didn't feel all that hungry so I saved my snack calories until dinner time. I don't know if all this lack of hunger is because it is getting easier, or because of some of the leftover easter egg I ate before going to bed last night :-?

For lunch today I had tuna & salad (190). For dinner I had a grilled field mushroom with light philly cheese and a side salad (including a little avocado) (244). I had 66 calories left over, so I had a few crisps and two squares of chocolate. I don't know how...

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