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SW 4/1/13 =274.8
CW=269.2 that is up from yesterday, after an up day-no surprise
Calories = 1794
Net Carbs = 142g/33%
Fat= 90g/47%
Protein= 82g/19%
Sleep = 7:46 94%
Steps= 6405 6 flights of stairs. Lots of gardening, which never equals steps even though it is clearly movement

Yesterday I learned I can eat pizza and even bake cookies and it will not send me into an eating binging frenzy. That is a nice thing to learn. It also didn't send me over my target calories for a non-fasting day, another good thing to find out!

I do think that now it is time to go back and do a bit of a shift to eating for health and longevity. So I will go back to a focus on my list of Superfoods as the base of my go-to foods on most days. If I am still hungry, well then I can eat something else on non-fast days and drink a tea on fasting days.

1. Coffee
2. Thyme
3. Wild salmon
4. Kale
5. Avocado
6. Basil
7. Olives/Olive oil
8. Walnuts
9. Green Tea
10.Dark Chocolate

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Day 2 ("feast")
I have decided I will be definitely doing 4:3 instead of 5:2 for now.
I am also going to try to blog at the end of each day to recap and will share my intake and observations.
As I suspected on my first up day I would feel too hungry when I first woke up to wait to have only one main evening meal.
My fiancé bought our favorite breakfast protein cookies (350) last night and he started eating his when we got home so I anticipated waking up to it all night. I regretted it though, not because I'm
Down on myself about not waiting for dinner but because it literally felt like a brick in my stomach and zapped my energy until noon. After so many years of forcing myself to bulk up on breakfast I'm so over it. I'm also having a bit of a volatile stomach (PMS) and it just didn't make me
Feel good.

However I'm Not going to rule out being able to make up days into one meal a day affairs. Based on today I did feel Less hungry for a whole workday then I thought I would. ...

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I've been a member on the forums here for nearly a month and have never explored the "blog" section! Not sure how much I'll keep up with a blog, but let's give it a go!

I'm having limited success with this WOE due to my own sabotage. I've been a terrible chocolate monster on my feast days and I know this cannot be good. Fasting days are typically fairly easy for me. I'm in week 4 and am down 2.5 lbs. My aim for this week is to stay away from the chocolate for the most part!

I've been doing 4:3, but this week will have to be a 5:2 as I just found out that the whole office is being taken out for lunch on Wednesday, which would have been a fast day for me(M-W-F). So......I'll fast Thursday and that will be it for the week. I know that some people do just as well with only 2 fasts a week, so perhaps this week will prove that 2 work better for me as well!

I do 3-4 rigorous boot camp sessions a week before work (5:45AM). I'm thinking I burn 500-700 calories a session. Perhaps just...

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Since I moved to California, my fasting average has only been once a week. I have stopped 16:8 and also I'm back on the carbs and not counting TDEE. As a consequence I have gained some weight back.

In many respects I'm a bit gutted, but then again I'm still in the green and this is supposed to be for life so I have to get used to ups and downs.

I fasted yesterday. Green smoothie in the morning and a small piece of guinea fowl breast for lunch with brussels. Didn't eat for 24 hours, then broke the fast with a glass of champagne on the flight. Not sure that was wise :shock:

Think I need to get back to it properly.
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The journey so far has been manageable. Thursday was a non-fast day. I had thought I would get my hunger pangs at the same time but not at all. I had lunch as usual. It was not as healthy as it could be as I had Laksa fried rice. I was stuffed just eating a little of it. Come dinner time, I was supposed to eat left over and I did not manage to eat normally. Just a small amount as I was not that hungry. No space to fill. I forced to eat a small amount of food before bedtime as it’s a fasting day on Friday and I really want it to work and not cave in and sabotage it.

Then there is a matter of moving my ass. I shall admit early on that I am lazy. I love nothing more than play dead on the sofa after dinner. There are times when the kitchen looks like a war zone as I am dead on sofa. I said to myself I have 2 option. I could either do what I usually do and make excuses and stay where I was or I could move. I did not set a distance just a starting route and see what it will bring me. As I s...

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