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Hi all
Great site. Starting my first fast tomorrow, nervous but also looking forward to it. Feeling really uncomfortable in my body at the moment and life is too short for that! Have just signed up for a sponsored 50 mile bike ride round Bath and Somerset to motivate me in to action. Look forward to chatting to like minded 5:2 ers.
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I've been doing the 5:2 since the 10th of April 2013, and have so far lost 5lbs! :grin:
I wouldn't say I'm finding it easy yet however, it's still a struggle on fast days. I'm hoping that it will indeed get easier once I master a couple of daily meal plans that give the optimum energy to fullness ratio.
As an aside I have discovered that porridge made with water is horrible, and that I didn't in all honesty realise that water had a taste until now. I will have to rethink my other foods on porridge days and add something to it to help. Perhaps a chunked apple, some cinammon? Or miiiiiiilk haha.
I have found - to my surprise - that non-fast days aren't filled with me gorging on all the things I daydream about on fast days! Who knew?

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Not sure of my weight as I am abroad. i'd say yesterday did not help as I didn't stick to my guns on carbs or alcohol. I started off well but fell asunder that night. I didn't prepare well enough and ended up ravenous. I was fine in the airport- stuck to my guns, brought salad on the plane for lunch to avoid the carby sambos/ Had sparkling water instead of wine. That night however I was having a look around the Xmas markets and enjoying watching everyone walking around with their gluwein. I decided to have 1 and that was fine as I had intended to. I walked around for an hour - usually I would go have a glass of wine but stuck to my guns. Got some lovely lights for my brother, mum and myself - Xmas pressys. Anyway, when I went to dinner I didn't even mind the glass of wine I had there (well 2 but they were so miniscule that it would only make 1 small glass of wine to be honest- not even a big glass at all but at 2euro a glass I wasn#t expecting bit). Although, my resolve began to weaken...

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I am now on week 16 and it is painfully slow with the weight loss. I feel very good and having lost 1 st 3lbs am happy but I find it very difficult to eat normally as the weight goes back on. still 3 fasts a week, but now going to cut down more mon to Friday. to see if this speeds things up. I will be so happy when I am 10 1/2 stone.
the weight loss seems to drop unexpectedly in one week, so I would love to understand what is happening in my body. is there fluid retention and then it goes off?
Till only walking every day for 45 mins at fast rate. Not the sort of person to exercise in a prescriptive way, so no point doing gym or swimming. tried this all through my life even when I was slim. just not me or my body.
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