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So today was my feed day and I ate so much. My stomach is literally hurting right now because I am so bloated. And I don't know why I do it. I have a large meal in work, but then when I get home I constantly want to snack even if I'm not hungry. I feel I deserve it because I have done a fast day. I DIDN'T EVEN DO A PROPER FAST DAY, I *bleep* FAILED. I don't know whats wrong with me at the minute. I have no motivation to eat properly or go to the gym. I'm really down and have no idea why - nothing has changed, nothing is wrong with my life, I have a lovely family, a boyfriend who 'loves me whatever size I am' (thats what he says), good friends (although I don't live near any of them at the minute) and a job that I love. I have nothing really to complain about, apart from my weight. And I don't know why I can't just get my head into it, lose some weight. 14lbs. That's not that much. And I would be so so soooo happy. Literally over the moon. I wonder if anyone else feels...

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Well this is the first bit of exercise since completing the half marathon. A nice recovery jog during my lunch break at work. Fasted yesterday so I made sure I was well fueled before heading out. Surprisingly the run felt comfortable. Well it's back to the gym tonight too for a bit of Body Combat. I seem to have so much energy at the moment.
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This week I didn't jump on the scales on Monday.

It has been my Monday practice for 4 months, but now I have decided to stay away from the scales and only weight myself on the first Monday of the month. It is too depressing and makes me obsess about the numbers. The glory of this diet is that I don't have to obsess. Just stick to the calories on fast days and enjoy food the rest of the time.

I know I am losing weight. People have noticed. I have noticed. My pants are loose. I have to use a belt to keep them up and I don't like that. I have found the green stretchy pants,which used to be too tight, are very comfortable but I don't have any others which are a good fit any more. Next step: buy some size 14 pants for work.I think I'll buy some on-line tonight. If I don't fit into them now, I soon will. How's that for confidence!
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Weight: 8st6.5

Ok so a fluctuation but its to be expected- I know it's not real. Today is a weekend and its a full day with a coffee morning for someone wiht cerebral palsy, a beauty appointment, a 1st bday party and finally babysitting that night.

So the day looked like this:

8am coffee
11am: large scone with butter, cream, jam (400), shortbread biscuit (150)
4pm: 1/2 egg salad sambo (200), crisps (50)
8pm: wine (500), takeaway (1000), cheese cake (200)

Total: 2500 - yikes although the epic coffee morning scone was a big downfall for me. I wasn't overly full either I have to say

I give the day 7/10 because while I did eat 2500 cals, I didn't eat like a lunatic as I usually do when it comes to parties and events like the above
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Down 2.6 lbs this week (for a current weight of 160.4 lbs) after a rough week of plateau-ish numbers! Yaaaaay! It's funny, even though so many people mention that sudden drops happen after plateau, it's still rough when you're in one, even if it's only for 9 days. This will be a great reminder to myself to make it easier the next time it happens to keep the faith and follow the plan. The exciting part is that yesterday it was 160.0 and I got the chance to see the scale finally flicker into the 150's!!!

Soon enough the holiday season will begin and I'm trying to remain calm. Even though I now have this amazing tool in my arsenal to counteract extra goodies (which I've used successfully already to counteract special event eating), there's just going to be SO MUCH FOOD for two whole months..... I haven't figured out how to wrap my brain around it in such a way that I could be around all of that calorie-dense goodness without eating it ALL!

Lessons learned this week:
-Plateaus do end if...

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