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Well, my second fast of the week on Thursday was harder than the first, why is that? Anyway, I succumbed to weighing myself early on Saturday, where I discovered that I had lost a total of 7lbs from starting the diet, half a stone, woohoo! :victory: There was a reason behind me doing this, being able to tell my Mum about how I was doing when I saw her on Sunday, as she was the one who first told me about this diet. She said that she could see I'd lost a little weight too, so maybe that inch off my waist is noticable after all.

Ended up gorging myself on Sunday (& Monday) as it was Greek Easter and had made Tzoureki and special biscuits, then had a full Sunday meal with lots of picking of left overs, not impressed, but couldn't help myself, one of those things and only happens occasionally, so shouldn't beat myself up. Couldn't see any effect when I re-weighed myself on...

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I had my very first compliments today from 2 ladies I've not seen for about 5 weeks.
'Where's the weight gone?' asked one.
The other said, 'How did you do it?'

Of course, I couldn't resist telling them about the 5 2 and promised to send them links to this forum.

So half way to my end goal and people are noticing!


AND another 2 today!
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well the 1lb a week did not continue and i and uo and down by a lb evrey week really need to lose another 7lb but its not happening :curse:
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I've now dropped to 11.9 and have 9 more to go to target! That should take me into the healthy BMI range.
But a strange thing has happened: I was sitting in the sun, waiting for hub, who is a keen photographer. I was down by the Menai Straight on Anglesey, admiring the view, when hub appears and starts photographing me. Normally, this makes me very shirty, but...... he took several photos and I just sat there smiling. Even for me, the results looked good!

Ok, I can see where I need to lose more weight, but I asked to come back to the same seat in October, when I'm hopefully at target (but still not 'slim') and repeat the experiment.

Am I going mad?

(One other thing; there's a fabulous pizzeria there, too, overlooking the water, so maybe we could pop along for a pizza too! Now, that would be a treat!)
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So thrilled and happy... After 10 days of struggling with a kind of a plateau, even though I have done 4:3 and kept my calorie intake on feastdays... finally this morning the scale showed 70,6 kg... :victory: :razz: .. My lowest weight since I was 18 years old ( I am almost 55 now )... It seems like a dream come true. :like: :heart:
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