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Well, it shouldn't have "had to happen" - but it did - an evening of real overindulging.

Lots of contributing factors I think. Already "fed-up" with my challenge, despite a good first week. Not wanting to fast. Bored. Tired. Watching too much TV and trying to keep awake. Poor lighting so couldn't colour in as a distractor. Deciding that I needed (????) to break the chocolate drought...

The daytime was fine, eating wise and otherwise. Had brekkie mid morning (muesli, yoghurt, egg) and latish salmon salad lunch -without too many trimmings as we were going out for afternoon tea, where I did have bread and butter pudding (not as nice as my own!!). I enjoyed it though, and it didn't make me want to eat any more sugar (at that stage??). OH wanted dinner earlyish as we were testing the new BBQ and it still gets dark early (daylight saving next weekend - yay!). I wasn't really hungry but of course managed the steak, BBQ potatoes, carby veg and salad.

That was all fine, and...

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Weight : 8st 10.5

Ok so I didn't lose anything. But to be honest, I ended up having to eat a pack and a half of wine gums and 2 mini snickers bars to get round my 17mile run last night. I am actually so annoyed at how inefficient I have allowed my poor body to become. So this week - I am cutting out crap complex carbs from Monday. Its been eye opening to see their effect. I had been ramping up my carbs due to training but they are causing me to crash the next day I believe. So today I ate the following:

12pm 2 boiled eggs (140 cals)
130pm: cashew nuts (300 cals)
4pm: crackers with goats cheese (300 cals)
7pm: wine, barbequed pork belly, wedges (1200 cals)

total cals 1940

It wasn't the best day but weekends aren't great for me. I also once again found myself crashing which is why I bought cashew nuts. I was probably crashing from the crap during my run. However, I've now got nuts and raisons which I will use during my runs

Day 5/10 as I lost no weight and crashed
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I posted a note in February as I was unsure what my final goal should be. I have lost a total of 21lbs and 12 lbs since Feb posting. I'm presently 127.4 lbs and have set my final goal at 124 lbs, so another 3 lbs and I'll be maintaining with the aim of staying under 9stone.
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It's been an odd week in that I've been very much out of the routine that I'd established. I had a birthday meal out, two days of work buffet lunches, another meal out, very delicious birthday cake hanging around the kitchen, and this all culminated on Saturday with me deciding that it would be my first fast day that week - and promptly scoffing 7 homemade choc chip cookies. It went from bad to worse - two chorizo sausage rolls ( can only imagine the fat content in them!), a Chinese buffet dinner and a Brie sandwich before bed. Oof, I felt ill - my stomach physically ached and I had to take Gaviscon for my indigestion.

Today, my resolve was back and I liquid fasted until 6.30pm when I ate a calorie counted prepared salad from M&S. it feels good to be back in control - and although I am still hungry I know it's an emotional hunger rather than a lack-of-food hunger.

I am going to fast tomorrow as well - for me, the second day is always easier than the first day of fasting. My stomach...

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Fasted Sunday and Monday and have been controlled about my eating today. I was baking for a friend, but the visit to their house was cancelled so there is a whacking great Victoria sponge and a double batch of chewy ginger cookies in the kitchen. I didn't even lick the bowl - must work on this everything of nothing attitude ...

No breakfast but I had two cookies at lunch time and half a sandwich (I cut the roll in half). Did a three mile walk in the rain and at 8pm ate a HUGE salad: mixed leaves, radish, cucumber, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, avocado, sweetcorn and a hot smoked salmon fillet.

I enjoyed the walk in the rain, despite being stupidly without a waterproof coat. The rain was warm and I kept under trees as much as possible. It was very peaceful and a nice time out to think and breathe in all the green smells. It's been a productive day all in all, and I managed to chase away the splitting headache I'd woken up with.

Also, just remembered that I went to bed very late (after...

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