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Fasting is easier when I'm busy and at work. Been home all week, all I can do is add up calories and work out how to spend 500. I've lost 1.6 kgs so going ok. It's slowed down now tho. Will keep on with it. I'm over the worst :like:
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I have written about my light weight gain on Azureblue's post so won't go on too much here. I have now decided to weigh daily (and this for fear of stepping on the scales but I am feeling the fear and going for it) so I can hopefully see a trend. Plus I started 16:8 today to see if that helps. I love my breakfast so it isn't easy cutting it out so on my first day I had a bacon and egg muffin at midday, oh it was delicious though :smile:
I will continue with two 36 hour liquid fasts next week as per normal with at least two 16:8 days.
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I started 5:2 yesterday, well today 30th April 2013 is my first official fast day, and so far so good. I woke up this morning and said today is the day - so I am just beginning this new lifestyle. Only time will tell as does with all we do but here's hoping that just the beginning will lead to a fantastic journey with a happy ending.
My plan for week one is fast today, Thursday, and Sunday and I will weigh in on Monday, 6th April. For today I have had:
    cup of hot tea without milk
    cup of coffee with skim milk
    a fig roll
    pint iced green tea
    1/2 portion carrot salad (full portion = 4 carrots grated, juice of lemon, 1 tbsp. sunflower seeds and 1 tbsp. of raisins)
    half cup of coffee without milk
    pint iced green tea
    1/2 portion of carrot salad again

Dinner will be chicken breast cooked on BBQ without sauce and salad leaves, more iced green tea.

It's just the beginning...
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Just got up after my 2nd fast I av lost 2 and 3/4 lbs since Tuesday and feel so much better :victory: Hope this carries on I will be soooooo happy .
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My last two weigh-ins have showed a slight increase, 1/2 a pound last week and 3/4 of a pound this week. I have had 5 fast days in the last fortnight and am surprised to see my weight gaining again.

Perhaps it is those little buggers we like to call 'hormones' which like to make us bloated and angry, maybe they are causing weight gain? Who knows. I am determined to stick with it though, it will come off again if it is water will...I hope. :cry:

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