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I'm not new to 5:2, but I am new to this forum & I'm fairly new to blogging. I hope I can keep people entertained, but I have to confess this will mostly be about what I find interesting/helpful. This is because life has taught me that if you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody, least of all yourself. Let's see where this takes me - & if I glean followers along the way, that's a bonus.
Good luck to you all in all your endeavours.
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This is my 6th week of woe. I had a week break last week and I have to say I really missed fasting and my routine of being able to ignore food. I was not bad. I ate what I wanted. We went for a few days trip and I did overdo and I ate what I wanted. Due to all the fasting I was unable to finish dinner on both days (which is good seeing that it was a males portion size). One day was lamb biryani that I had to bring back to the hotel room and ate as supper. The next night was ribs with fries and what not. That too I brought back and my son demolished it. While eating the ribs, I gave several pieces to my husband.

Then the weekend came. I was still not fasting but lunch Saturday I did not eat up and it hit me. A monster PMS I had to eat. I polished off several fruits and ate a lot. Come Monday I was so glad I was fasting!! I came home starving and had some small almonds while cooking. I made my skinny noodles with shrimp and kalian (Chinese kale), broccoli and carrots. I ate half of it and...

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Yep, finally getting the foot problem sorted and work clogs are just dandy.

Next project: Deciding if I really want to risk contacting the sewing room to ask for a size smaller shirt. It's possible I could be on the phone for ages and be passed round to goodness knows how many people.
I could just snaffle a tunic from the rack but I prefer shirts.

Mundane me, still too much excitement is'nt good for me
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went on holiday with my mum and decided it would be best to skip the fasting for a week as she'd only get worried and think i have an eating disorder. like you know those parents who always make you eat a LOT and get super worried if you don't have seconds or skip dessert? well mine are like that (no wonder i've had weight problems since i was a kid but my parents are lovely and i guess it's a generation thing. when they we're growing up food wasn't as readily available as it is now).

so anywho, i came home yesterday and now it's fasting monday as usual. but i didn't gain any weight during the holiday so that was nice, but we went to London and walked around 7-10 hours every day so i got a lot of excercise. :)

but i felt sort of... heavy without the fasting. the fasting makes you feel so fresh and energetic so i missed that.
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Hello all.

I've been blogging about my 5:2 diet experience since beginning in April.

Come on over and have a look. I've got fasting day menus, photos, and more.

Feel free to leave a comment as they are most welcome and quite encouraging.

Thank you.
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