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At least I know why I haven't lost any weight in two weeks despite being well-behaved. My labs came back and my thyroid slowing meds are too strong - my thyroid levels are actually too low now. The doctor reduced my dosage by 25%, so here's hoping the weight loss picks back up :-)

The last time this happened, the doctor ended up steadily reducing my dosage and eliminating it over about an 8 month period. Wish me luck! :clover:
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First day - jumped right into a fast day - no point starting the new way of eating on a none fasting day. Plus it is a tuesday so I can then do Thursday as well and get it done before the weekend.

Planned it out with what I had in my pantry. Boiled egg to start (waited till 10.30am), tuna and cucumber for 'lunch' going to wait till 2.30 and go for a walk as well. Then I have half a banana to help me hold out till dinner tonight which is malyasian laksa soup. All totaling 475 calories, which is a bit under.

I am surprised I am feeling quite good so far. I havent done the no eating thing since I was a teenager, but it is refreshing and I am enjoying the control. As people say it is refreshing to know that it is only for today. I anticiapte that it will feel better than the constant dont eat more than 1400cal I have been on for about a year.

Looking forward to getting into a rhythm and pattern of it.
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This week I have been wearing my new pants with a beautiful top I bought, still size 16 in tops- and I felt great. The pants fit beautifully. I look normal - NOT FAT!!!! I love this WOL!
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Todays fast day was much easier.Probably because I forced myself to drink more. I set goals through the day to finish my bottle of water and then refill it.
I (stupidly) bought a trifle when I went shopping this evening to eat tomorrow as I haven't really eaten anything but fruit and veg for the last few weeks. It was only when I unpacked it at home that I read the calorific value!!!! 350 for just half the trifle!!!! I know I will want to eat all of it.....
My hunger pangs were less violent today and I didn't eat dinner until 8 after a quick snack of melon at 7. I did try not to have breakfast but was so grumpy by 10.30 I had to have something. I have been reading on this site that it might be the best plan to fast without food for as long as possible but I am not sure I can do this. I wanted to eat more this evening but am dead on 500 calories so I will have to be content with fluids. Sometimes I wish there was a food that had zero calories that I could eat lol.
I told one of my customers...

1 Comment   Viewed 992 times I fasted on Friday (7th Feb) and despite going to bed hungry on Friday night I slept really well. An interesting side effect was that I had loads of energy on Saturday and after a pleasing weigh in and a healthy breakfast, I got a load of housework done.

I have decided on a healthy eating/diet plan that I think will work for me. One of the hardest things in my opinion, is finding a regime that works for you. It is too easy to see what others have done (peers, siblings, celebrities) and slavishly copy them. I am bucking the trend and am going to do the following:

* Fast two days of the week (always a Monday and one other day to be decided on an ad hoc basis. The reason for the Monday fast is because I'll have a big Sunday dinner and so it makes sense to make the following day afast day.)
* Eat healthily for the remaining three working days of the week. This means trying to stick to around 1200 - 1500 cals per day and eschewing wine for the five working days of the week. This...

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