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Current Actual Weight: 71.9kg (11 stone 5 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.7kg (11 stone 6 pounds)

Blood Pressure Readings:- No Data

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt a bit depressed after some yet more high blood pressure readings and because of that, I decided to take a complete break from taking these readings for now. Because of that, there are no such readings to show in this report which is probably just as well because I would have expected these results to be even higher as a result of yesterday's fasting day.

Anyway, the fact that I was a bit down and depressed yesterday meant that I wasn't really feeling like going through with yesterday's fasting day. Furthermore, I was also feeling a bit hungry yesterday morning, making me realise that I was going to be in for a very difficult day ahead. At that point, I drank some water to quell that 'hunger' and I was fortunate that I had my step class to make my mind off that a bit.

That step class went very well and when I arrived...

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Today is my last day at work, then I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks. During that time we'll be visiting family and celebrating Christmas with our families. This means multiple feasts and lots of goodies.

I'm a bit nervous about all the food. But I'm also thrilled to report that I was down another pound today. So I'm ending the year with my lowest weight in years. Yeah! This is a huge contrast to last Christmas where I had to buy new fat pants before our trip because nothing was fitting.

My next interim goal is 2.8 pounds away. I look forward to achieving that in January. I do plan to fast during the holidays, but expect that if I manage to come out the other end without a gain, then I will have succeeded.

Happy holidays everyone!
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When I stepped on the scales this morning I was willing them to say 9 stone 2 lbs. I have been 9.3 for a few weeks and wondered if this was my happy weight. It was the weight the Atkins site recommends for me and the lowest weight I got to on the Patrick Holford diet a few years back, so I thought mind-over-matter might keep me there.

Now I am wondering why the sudden drop; nothing changed with my eating and I am into week 6 of my challenge to up my exercise. Perhaps that is it; it takes much longer for any changes to kick in than we imagine. I am aware that there are arguments that say that exercise does not help much with weight loss, but for me it seems to eventually - and I do eat more the day I do a 10 mile walk than a 5k walk/jog and that is perfectly natural and I go with it.

I am thinking more about my maintenance strategy, only 6 pounds at most or getting to my Fastiversary in August, whichever comes first, and I will have to slam the brakes on. It will be Fast-5 or a modification...

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So my last few fast days haven't been very..well..fasty...Last week was the irritating time of the month and the associated pains were made worse by fasting, so kept to roughly 1000 a day, bar Thursday when I bought a "sympathy cake" it was quickly eaten and greatly appreciated! Oh Sofia and Stu got a slice, but I got the rest! :wink: also completely forgot to do my exercises, so that was clever of me! :doh:

On the up side of things, I am now happily growing potatoes, carrots, parsley, mustard and thyme in varying plant pots, already have some shoots poking through, so hooray, will be a regular Charlie Dimmok (but with a bra!) in no time! Looking forward to munching into a homegrown jacket potato some time soon! ...

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In June my husband and I went on a 2 week vacation. I brought along a pair of jeans, but really didn't want to wear them as my biggest jeans were too tight and constantly reminded me that I was getting fatter. Luckily the weather in California was mostly warm and sunny so I didn't need to wear those jeans.

Came home, started 5:2 and ignored the jean issue till fall arrived. When the cooler weather hit in September, out came the jeans for daily wear. Those dreaded jeans were loose. Jeans were now laundered in both the washer and the dryer. Whereas previously I was hanging them to dry to avoid any shrinkage in the laundry.

Well, after 3 months of progress I hit a new low of 214.8 this week. That is down 12.7 pounds. I finally dug into my closet and pulled out jeans in the next size down and tried them on. They fit, and rather nicely too. Yeah!

Time to wash the old size 22 jeans and put them in the donation pile. Good-bye old jeans. I won't miss you at all.
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