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Over 4 months in 2013 IF and exercise saw me lose nearly a stone.

Over 6 months Autumn 2013 to Spring 2014, lack of will power and an impressive variety of creative excuses saw me put the weight back on.

One factor I can identify is that I used the forum less and less: I didn't feel I had much of value to contribute and didn't want to bother people. I didn't realise how much I needed them.

So, it looks like I am just going to have to use these lovely forum members for my own ends - sorry guys :bugeyes:

I'm also going to try blogging my progress. I don't anticipate it will be worth reading but I will know it's there for me to offload.

Let the navel gazing commence :like:
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I still despise daily weighing, but I have stuck with it this week. I did 3 bulletproof style fasts and dropped 4lb's. However I did go back to my 'old' way of eating - mostly paleo (low carb), with only one day a week as a carb re-feed. No grains. Also now fully embraced the Californian lifestyle and given up the booze. I think a combination of all of this things has given me a kick start. For those of you who don't know what bulletproof is - its here ... rning-too/
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Yes! Down again, back to my lowest weight so far:74.6kg. I was afraid it would be up today as we had dinner guests last night and a big meal. Last time I weighed 74.6, 3weeks ago, it was after we'd had a light meal the night before and my sister, a sceptic, had suggested that the reason I had a lower than normal weight was because I hadn't eaten a big meal the night before. I now know that this isn't right. My body has a new set point weight. It is between 74.5 and 75 kg. I have weighed in this range for the last month. It has moved down from being between 75 and 76kg.

I like the idea of the set point. It explains the plateau phenomonom. Your body has a set point weight and hovers around that weight. When you lose a lot of weight fast, too far below what your body recognises as normal, you put weight back on, and can't lose any more, and you experience the 'famine reaction'. You just have to jolly it along, not starve yourself, reassure your body that there isn't a famine, that you will...

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... you're not a dog!'

I thought that was funny, and true. I've printed off some weight loss inspiration from pinterest and that was one that definitely caught my eye.

So, the Jillian Michaels water certainly didn't do much (but make me pee a lot). I'm sure it's done a lot of good on the inside, but the scales weren't complying! Ah well. It was an experiment, and I don't think I did it for the full 7 days. Maybe I'll drink the stuff on week days and not bother at weekends? My boyfriend won the drinking bet, because I ended up at a party on Saturday night and wanted to enjoy myself. Drinking one a week is certainly better than drinking every day, like I was in France, so I think I'll be okay.

I've hurt my back swimming, somehow. I went to my first session last Wednesday and I have been in so much pain since! I don't know what I did. I thought swimming was supposed to be good for you?! Trust me :doh:...

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Just done 3 days not fast days n I av put some back on is that normal ? I haven't particularly eaten a great deal but I have had a family celebration n the wine has been flowing , will it shift again after my fast day today ? :shock: :shock:
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