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I'm in maintenance and I definitely took a (non too) scenic route that left me feeling as if I'd never escape from the inhospitable scrublands of weight loss mode. (I'm sure there's a weight loss version of Pilgrim's Progress waiting to be written.)

It took me a long time to realise that my pattern was going to be bone-achingly slow losses or lengthy plateaus with periods of dropping every day for a while then back to another plateau (16 weeks and more). This was a disheartening and thoroughly miserable experience that caused me to second-guess my own perceptions and actions.

Seeing other people's accounts in the Scenic Route Tent, it seems to be sadly common that we can sometimes show a negligible outcome for what feels like a remarkable amount of strategising, self-restraint, self-abnegation etc. and it is thoroughly demoralising - there's no getting around it. It feels like part of your life has been given over to participating in...

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:clover: :heart: :like:

friday might be the day....
I will let you know how it goes.
xx goodnight fast diet world
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So again I spent most of today driving and was able to fast. I have fasted for three days whilst away which I am very proud of! I feel very positive about 4:3 now. This morning I had to do my bra up on its tightest fitting, a few weeks ago it was on its loosest! I don't know what the scales will show at my next weigh in but my clothes are getting loose.
Just went to check my broody hens and there is a chick under one of them. Only came home today so not sure when it hatched. Will sort it all out tomorrow morning by which time some more may have hatched.
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Put my feet on the scales this morning and I'd lost 1.8kgs!!! So excited!In a week!
Did a little happy dance for myself :oops:

Found it difficult to eat today, while I absolutely loved my muesli, berries and yoghurt for breakfast, I was so conscious of not undoing my good work. Wonder do others feel this way?
Went out for lunch, choose vegetable fritata, seriously can't spell that, and salad, enjoyed that but then worried about the dressing, was swimming in it!
Tonight, chicken, veg & basmati rice, not a big portion but now sitting in my stomach like a rock. Just interesting observation for myself at this point. Shan't ponder, still so happy with my result!
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I've reached the stage where my 44" waist trousers just don't fit any more. They are much too big. Although the tape measure tells me I'm 41 around the middle, I've tried four pairs of trousers with 38" waists and they fit me nicely (not at all tight). I was, also, able to wear a nice suit for my niece's wedding. I have been able to squeeze into my 36 waist jeans too - but have put these into the "wait a bit" section of the wardrobe.

All that said, I appear to be in another Doldrum; hovering around 14st12LB and 15st3LB. Think this is holiday treats and slobbery :smile:

Hope things are going well for you.
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