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I have always struggled with my weight. That sentence is probably the problem right there...

In fact I haven't always struggled with my weight. When I was a kid, I didn't struggle at all; I just ate whatever I wanted. And when I was a teenager, I continued to eat exactly what I wanted, but I was active and I LOVED being active - whether it was a dance class or a bush walk or a random baseball game or a leisurely walk on the beach. I wasn't any good at sports but I loved to be active. Somehow that kept the weight off, and effortlessly too.

But I always thought I was fat. Compared to some of the kids you see now, I wasn't fat at all. I was 'big boned' (what is that?). But not fat. That didn't stop kids from calling me fat, because inevitably I was indeed the 'fattest' kid in the class.

Even up through my first pregnancy at age 38, I remained fit and relatively 'unfat'. It was only after my second pregnancy at age 40, that the weight started piling on. I still ate exactly what...

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600 calories. Oh, and I'm a woman, not, you know, the Lad Gender Wot Gets the Extras.

I should have read the book first, but somehow, my mind vaulted clean over "500" and landed with a happy splash onto "600". However, today's fast day was good practice. I need to get up earlier as I ate my steel cut porridge rather too late from breakfast and realized I was not hungry enough for my planned lunch, resulting in sitting down to dinner of salad and sardines straightaway the clock chimed 6:00 pm. And yes, the First Day Fast's Evening Tummy Rumbles ... check!

And here I was, the woman who was so eyebrow-lifty, even snidey, at Food Diaries. Well, at 20 lbs overweight, I've harpooned my eyebrows into submission and started a food diary as I aim for a slimmer, trimmer moi at a family event in Puerto Rico by month's end. And it would be a locale where soft breezes waft across sunny beaches and we all know what that means:...

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Weight: 8st 8.5

Ah well that was defo to be expected but I'll try be good today even though I have yet another social brunch engagement. The brunch was difficult as there was literally 3 options, fry, eggs benedict or eggs florentine - nothing else and it came with a tray of pastrys.

1pm: eggs benedict (600), mini croissant (100), bread (100), glass wine (125)
5pm: dinner: oven chips (400), half chicken breast ( 100)
530pm: cheese cake 100
Total: 1400

Not the worst day and I really wanted a chipper but I stopped myself. Breakfast was epic but didn't eat a huge dinner ( I wanted one but didn't like the garlic chicken kieve and barely ate half.

I give the day 8/10 for exercising my self control - it's the second time this week it has happened - definitely eating less and making better choices. HAven't listened to my weightloss hypnosis for a few days and need to get back to that though
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Weight: 8st 6.75

The bloating is terrible. I'm bloated from my ulcer and TOTM. So my weight is going to be unachievable this week. I'm burpy and gassy so at least I know why. I am hoping that as a result I will still hit 8st 3 or 8st4lbs next Friday Morning. THere has to be off weeks and totm with bloating from an ulcer is of course going to affect these things. So I have to take that on the chin. I went to the Doctor in the end and she calmed me rihgt down from my panic about my ulcer. Told her all about my food and alcohol intake and lifestyle. I have a few changes to make. but I am happy to make them. This time last week, my ulcer began because I always have 2 glasses of wine on a Thurs but last week was a fast day so it hit my stomach like battery acid. Didn't drink at all obviously last night but I am happy to report that that didn't bother me. I enjoyed going for a run, playing with my dogs and watching a bit of TV and just relaxing WITHOUT alcohol. It wasn't difficult. I woke up...

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Well noone knows me so I guess this is just for me. I am feeling excited and nervous. Excited cause I really think I can do this, nervous in case it doesn't work. I really want to be slim but it seems as soon as I start to loose weight I panic, its silly but being fat makes me invisable. I can be loud and chatty and people just accept me but when I was slim if I was loud and chatty it was drawing to much attention to me. God that does sound stupid.
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