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I did 5:2 solidly from mid-April till I started my holiday in early July and was quite happy with my results in conjunction with exercising three times or more a week. While on holiday I exercised almost every day and ate sensibly. :like: All set to return home and to the gym two weeks ago when I had an accident resulting in a fractured ankle. I'm stuck at home, bored, unlikely to return to work for another week and the cast isn't going to come off for another month at the very least. The spare tyre is back and I hate to think what weight I've regained. :cry: I'm relying on busy family members to make meals for me but I think I am going to have to be a lot more disciplined about what I'm eating since I can't do my usual exercise regime. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How'd you cope?
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Well in the hotel and all bets off.

Bfast: sausages and pudding (619)
Lunch: wine and chips (618)
Dinner: wine, chips,garlic bread (1260)

I didn't like my main course so very carby day. Total of 2497. Actually, I would never have a breakfast as bad as that only I was in a hotel and all the food was put away except for the fry. So I should be able to bring my cals on a sat down to 2000 which is my goal. However, there is one downside - I was very drunk as while the food was high calorie, it was not substantial and I knew I would pay for it.
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Soo I worked every single day this last week and had to also pick up my
Parents and aunt from the airport on two seperate occasions. I've also been driving around to meet up with them when I can since I haven't had any time off. Whoo it's been crazy!!! I've barely had a chance to breathe and Thursday my ADF kinda went to poop. I ended up at about 800-1000 calories instead of 500. Friday I had a pretty regular up day and then I did two "semi-fasts" on satersay and Sunday to try to even things our. I had about 1000 calories on both days. The anxiety and stress I have been under this past week with all the working traveling and being sick has been overwhelming. But I'll cut myself
Some slack. It's a new week, it's an up day, and I have a free weekend to spend with my fiancé only 6 dad away! lol hopefully this week will seem like a breeze compared to last week. I am enjoying being up today but I'm starting to crave a lot healthier foods than I did in week 1. Don't get me wrong I ...

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ok, so this week things have come up and my fast days have been a tad high. No worries, I will get back on track pronto. That is the beauty of 5:2, no guilt, and baing able to easily jumping back on the wagon. My weight stayed the same this week, but my clothes actually feel looser, so I am ok with how things are going.

My son's high school graduation party is tonight. He has a group of 6 guys who have been friends since 5th grade and the party is a joint one with all of them and their friends, family, teachers, etc. Should be big-luckily not at my house-the parents of the "Super Six" (as we call them) are all putting it on, and one of them has a home with a very large outdoor entertaining area. Will be fun!
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So here I am at the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life. Do you think the scales stay still? Nope, not at all. It is all over the place. I know that I have not gained weight as I would need to eat an extra 14000 calories to gain the weight that my crazy scales says that I have gained. I am don’t think I have eaten more than 1500 calories a day much less excess.

The only explanation that I can give is that I am at a stress period and I have indulged in fries (one day only) and pasta which I usually avoid. Don’t you love what carbs do to your body!! Now I have to calm down, distress, and wait and see what the scales do the next few days. I only hope it makes up its mind as to what it wants to do!
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