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That is the sound of my head hitting the keyboard in annoyance by the way!

No not due to fasting issues, but, due to husbands ruining plans! Tonight we were going to snuggle up and watch the new Thor and then play board games, but now due to his work phoning, he's going in tonight and there for ruined not only tonights plans but ruined tomorrows too. As we've promised Sofia we'd take her to her favorite play area and now cause he's working we can't go (I don't drive and it's to far away by bus)

not a happy bunny right now so may take my frustration out by going to my mums tomorrow and bake many many cakes!

Also as I type this the cat has just given Sofia a nasty scratch across the palm of her hand so now am also annoyed at the cat!

Right gonna go drink tea to calm my self before I vent spleen, kidneys and part of my lower intestines in frustration!
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Oh, well. I just realised that I have a blog and that I can post something in it. :smile:
This is not gonna be the longest entry, but my first one. Been here for 15-16 weeks now?
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I only work Mon to Thurs,but even the hours I don't work I like to keep busy. I'm not back to work until next Monday and as I am now trying to maintain I don't need to spend too much time obsessing over what food - how much food - how many calories :grin: BUT I have planned what I would like to do in order to keep me out of the temptations within the kitchen cupboards :confused:
Monday:-(Today Pay day - Shopping for clothes UK 8 - 10 :victory: )
Tuesday:- Reorganise layout of craft room
Wednesday:- Sort garage:-currently used as dumping ground can only just get inside the door at present....need some racking and boxes to sort JUNK/THROW/CARBOOT/EBAY/CHARITY ...

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Off to Paris for a long weekend via Eurostar. A weekend of eating awaits. It's our 25 wedding anniversary and we are desperate for some real downtime together and Paris is easy. We get back Monday but since our actual anniversary is not until Tuesday, eating out will carry on for a few days. Be interesting to see the weight damage although oddly I feel relaxed about it. This is even though I'm up a pound an a half since changing my carb balance and not sticking to TDEE as I said I would. Grr

It's wonderful to be able to go for pleasure and not work. I have taken care to stay somewhere neither of us have never stayed before on business trips and all of the restaurants are new to us. My Parisienne mate has been great at advice and hope to see her Sunday evening. I also found a great blog by someone called messynessy. Very cool blog and she seems extremely knowledgeable about Paris.

Above all though, it's great to be able to get some time away with OH, who seems more excited by...

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I've had 8 fasts now and I feel tremendous :smile: In the beginning I found fast days easy to get through, never felt hungry but I did feel a little light headed and during the first week, I had headaches. As always I consulted the forum and took the advice, drink more water and it helped. The headaches stopped in week 2. However, from day one after each and every fast, I was buzzing, I couldn't sleep :frown: Again I consulted the forum, and of course loads of great advice. One piece of advice comes through very strongly with just about all the mishaps and bumps we face along the journey ..patience it will get better ..and it does! :grin: yesterday was my 8th fast and last night I SLEPT ...

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