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well after my first week I was amazed to see that i had lost 3lb :shock: !! Toady is my 4th fast day & so far I have not struggled on any of my fast days( although I am sure i will at some point).
Must say i am not looking forward to the easter weekend!! May have to do 3 fast days next week to help recover :smile: x
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Greetings All:

Does anyone get a backache right around the Kidney area toward the latter part of the day? I do. :frown:
Not debilitating but just a dull aching. And I have never had back problems.
Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
One thing, it doesn't persist when I go to sleep, which is helpful.
Maybe I should drink more liquids?

Mad Dick II
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HBA1C: 9.0
Cholesterol: 163
HDL: 49
LDL: 82
Trig: 161
BP: 152/95
SGOT: 45
SGPT: 65

HBA1C: 7.7 :like:
Cholesterol: 145 :like:
HDL: 35 (needs work)
LDL: 88 (still in normal)
Trig: 109 :like:
BP: 130/80 :like:
SGOT: 30 (normal) :like:
SGPT: 49 (normal) :like:

Weight: down 20# (19.8 actually) ...

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I'm down another pound week on week. It's been a long time since I have had two weeks of consecutive loss. However I have been focusing more on fat than weight. The gym witch has been giving me a hard time about not eating enough protein. I don't like it very much and I also subscribe to keeping down IGF-1. However I read somewhere on line about protein fasting once a week can trigger a type of autophagy which is an interesting take on things.
I started off at the scale at the gym, which measured my body fat different to what I have at the Withings at home. These are the results:
Home 37.2%
Gym 35%
Gym on athletic setting 30%
Well it just goes to show that body fat is hard to measure. I decided just to take it as a point of reference and resolve to get either the first or second one down to under 30% as a start.
I have carried on Fast-5ing, one carb re-feed (I'm only slightly overweight) plus a protein fast. I know now that you can do the carb re-feed and the protein fast on the...

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Went to Mums for the day yesterday :grin: Mum's a feeder (mainly others as following a near fatal illness has a small appetite herself but loves to cook for everyone else).Half expecting a lecture of your'e losing too much too soon etc I received a big hug and your'e looking really great :like: When I explained how flexible the regime of 5:2 is she simply grinned and said so It's a feast you want :lol: Cheese on toast for Lunch - Cream cake - and for dinner Chicken Supreme on plain rice with green beans YUM FEB 28 (pre Mums) 62.8K (9st 12lbs) :victory: lowest ever ...

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