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Well, I seem to be keen and ready to go but I know when I have a bad day then that is when I am more inclined to give up. I have read the book and seen the programme so want it to work. Glad I found this forum and hopefully writing a blog may help also.
First day back at work after a lovely three weeks off, so am a little bit anxious. I work as a manager in the mental health field and it can understandably be a stressful job.
I also developed arthritis last year and this is one of the important reasons why I really want this to work.
Anyway, let's see how my first fast day goes. Wish me luck!
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WEight 8st 9

So despite yesterday being a feed day, I still dropped. I feel the goal of 8st 8 is achievable (probably not 8st 6 though). If I hit 8st 8 then I am on target with the weight loss predicter provided in this forum.

If you read my blog yesterday, you will know I got up to attend a course very early. I suffered all day with dizziness. Of course, I worked so late that I could not get my brain to shut down and didn't fall asleep until after midnight but was back awake for another course at 6am this morning. I feel foggy and dizzy and am dreading my run later.

The course had a lovely pastry breaky with lots ham and cheese croissants and cheese scones. So I took them all and stored them for Sat morning before my run and have stuck to coffee since 6am.

Its now 12pm and I wanted to attempt another liquid fast today. However, I feel so dizzy and I have hunger pangs coming and going. If I didn't have to run later then I would persevere but I don't think it would be clever to run with...

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So after 8 weeks on the 5:2/4:3 I am really pleased to say that so far I have lost 13lb and in the next stone bracket :victory:

Now I just have to stay focused and keep chipping away and reminding myself that I did not put all of this weight on overnight so it is not going to disappear over night! Because often find my will power and determination just do one on me :confused: so I need to be my own personal nag and keep checking in on here and calling out for help on the odd occasion as i'm sick of been a statistical yo-yo dieter!!!

This past week has been up and down for me because at the beginning of the week I had birthday meals and drinks over a couple of nights, then a bit of a stomach bug and then the past couple of fast days I have nearly doubled my 500 cals. ...

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So I am officially back down to the lowest weight I logged on technically .1 over..but thats still good. Was going to have a full fast day yesterday..but my aunt made curried okra..i LOVE had some and one roti...1140 calories...but still good to go down.

Today I am also fasting..I have logged 724 calories..lets see how much I really eat..

Just want to get into the 130's again...
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Sorry but I have been completely hopeless. I cannot beleive all the rubbish I have eaten. I feel so fat it is no longer funny.
Life is very hard just now and as always I have turned to food. As you know I have been desperate to move back to England as well as the stress of my father. My eldest daughter and her husband have decided they want to live here too. They are coming over October 1st and staying for two months. This is to work on the barn that will be their home and see how they feel living here. Part of me hopes they will not like it. I am trying to be calm about it all and bevopen minded. It may make a difference to me having them here and I know my younger daughter is very excited at the thought of having her sister living here.
I am trying to focus on the positives.
Our Gite has been totally booked out the whole summer and the last guests will leave three days before my daughter arrives. Throughout the summer hubby has been building a cloakroom in our house as he could not work...

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