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It went really well just by having black coffee, water and 6 crab sticks (you either love them or hate them) but for me they are a life saver. Today I am doing the 8 hour diet and due to finish eating at 7pm. Funny thing is after my fast day yesterday I really don't feel hungry, I had to force a piece of toast with scrambled egg into me.

I have done well so far with 5:2 but because I have a long way to go, I decided to incorporate the 16/8 as well. I will keep posting with how it goes and strongly recommend to anyone to self experiment. :geek:
Already I feel I have a lot more energy and also my doc is giving me a full blood MOT so I'm interested to see what gives.

Best of luck to everyone. :clover: ...

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Wed 1/5 It's true, it's true ..appetite decreases as the days go by & better choices are made. Lots of energy the 2nd day after a fast day. I think 'feast day' should be renamed as it gives off a signal to not take as much care. We still have to keep under a certain amount of calories to lose weight. Thinking, thinking ..Fast days & Healthy days? any suggestions?
Also, knowing there is a weigh in this Saturday is an inspiration, isn't it? It is for me.
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When I started this new lifestyle (I specifically call this is a lifestyle, because I want to live like this forever, not just before bikini season!), I decided to blog about it to stay on it. I never had a blog before or participated in an online community before, so thank you in advance for bearing with my boring anecdotes, off-topicness, and unnecessary details!
I started this a month ago, with my first fast day being way easier than I expected and pleasantly lost two pounds in one day. :victory:
But on my second fast day, toward the end of the week, I had a horrible case of overeating and broke my second fast. I was scheduled for vacation late the second week, so I had to fast Monday and Tuesday. I gave up on Monday again because of over eating and decided to take the week off. I started again officially next week.
Last week was the best! I did 4:3 on accident! I lost three pounds!...

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Back to fasting today after a mini break. I can so do this. I cannot eat today but I can have anything tomorrow.
Have already fed animals, cleaned and refilled chicken water feeders, unloaded dishwasher and sorted re cycling. Now having my breakfast black coffee. Have jobs planned for this morning then am visiting a friend this afternoon. Will have a vegetable frittata this evening. Then earlyish to bed and fast day done!
The last four days I have eaten too much and feel uncomfortable so am pleased to fast today. I am slowly adjusting my attitude to food but it is a long process!
Weather continues beautiful here and new fence nearly done. I just need to finish attaching the chicken wire. OH has made the gate. It will confuse the ducks as they are used to the whole of the back. The pond area is large with trees and a grassed area as well as their house so they will be fine. I am loving what we are doing with the garden. It is skowly looking less like the farmyard it was!
Wow, phone just...

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So, I had a good result from the scales yesterday, down 4 pounds putting me at 13 stone on the nose. Went to the gym to meet a trainer for a chat and OH MY LIFE....after about a minute and a half on the cross trainer, I had to come off it!! I never felt that woozy in my life!! Really bad. Thought I was going to pass out for sure! Anyway, after a bit of recovery, I pushed through it and managed some treadmill and stepper work, followed by a programme of weights that was specifically put together for me. OW!! I could barely life my arms to wash my hair after!!! :bugeyes:

So, next thing, Debs (trainer) says "Oh I want to see you at spin class in the morning." Piece of cake, I thought. WRONG!!!! I really didn't think I was THIS unfit!! What a wake up call!!

But again, I pushed through it, then did an AquaFit class and then my weight training. Ok, so now I am SHATTERED but I feel...

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