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Fast day today and looking forward to my next meal soon which will be probiotic plain yoghurt with five chopped strawberries. I've already had 2 boiled eggs and toast, tea, coffee and a banana. I was a bit of a pig yesterday and ate several Ferraro Roches chocs that someone gave me for Easter. I'm thinking about giving them away then I won't be tempted!
Just wish I could get out in the garden but its been snowing on and off with a bitter wind. Not Sunny Clacton today. When are we going to get some warmer weather? :cool:
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Well I watched the program last night with my husband and we were both very excited by the great improvements Michael made with his health.
My husband and I both love our food but both have IBDs. I have Crohn's disease and my husband has Ulcerative Colitis. I manage my Crohn's with a SCD/Paleo diet and don't need to take any drugs. I feel really well, but have put on about 5 kilos that I'd like to lose.
My husband says he'd like to lose about 10 kilos so we'll see how we go.
We haven't read the book and feel we need to order it to get more info. The 5 2 concept is easy to understand and we both can't wait to get started.
I was keen to start today but realise I've bought our meat for the week and if we fast it will go off! So I've cut back my food today and will probably start my first fast day on Friday.
I'm looking forward to the journey!
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Today is the end of week 2 of this WOE. I am pleased, mostly, at how it's going. Even though I had a few bumps in the road this week, overall, I think this is a plan that I will stick to for the long run. I do not expect to drop huge amounts of weight quickly on this plan, slow and steady will be fine with me. I did sign up for an Easter challenge of losing 15 lbs though, so I must not have another week where a few of my planned fasting days end up falling apart.

I wanted to do 4:3 this week, but things kept coming up where I had to eat sooner than I planned. Now, even though I ate sooner than planned I was careful at the eating time, and I was very careful later in the day. I hope it all evens out; have not stepped on scale yet, I guess I should...OK: 229.2, I'll take it!

Off to accomplish something meaningful today....
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I keep forgetting my "notes" don't show to the public, so will keep making occassional Blog entries.
I am getting a Bike today, it has been a long time since I have had one and the Vancouver area is mostly flat, has lots of bike trails and I am hoping that I use it often and increase my activity level.
Seem to be struggling with snacking on Feast days, just need to get the Oreo cookies out of the house I guess.
From the TRUE WEIGHT App I am at 209.5 lbs. so steady progress (don't worry so much now when I weight myself daily).
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I am loving this so far, fasting while at work has been pretty easy,and the fact that I am still on a downward trend on the scale is all the better!

SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW= 268.4 same after an up day
Calories = ?
Net Carbs = ?
Fat= ?
Protein= ?
Sleep =6:58 93%
Steps= 6462 = pathetic! But I did 2.5 hours of yard work yesterday, apparently weeding doesn't = steps.

So it is very easy for me not to track on my non-fasting days. It worries me a bit because I am losing data that I may need later on. But at the same time, not tracking makes me feel more "normal".

So I start back to gentle treadmill today
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