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So today is my last day of AL and maternity leave. I am writing this blog retrospectively and using MFP to remember what I ate. I did quite well considering by Thursdays I usually let go. That's why I fast MOnday's and Wednesdays.

THe days food looked like this

Bfast - coffee, tea
Lunch: frozen veg, boiled with cauliflower rice and soy sauce (80cals)
Dinner: scallops (70), frozen veg( 90), homemade tomato sauce (70) red wine (288)

Total cals were 615. My carbs were a bit high at 41 but such is life. It was actually surprisingly easy. Felt extremely full after dinner which is quite strange so other than the wine, I will definitely keep that dinner in mind for fast days. I also think I over estimated the tomato sauce but better over than under on fast day. I give the day 8/10
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Current Actual Weight: 71.0kg (11 stone 3 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.3kg (11 stone 5 pounds)

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new era, as it was the first fasting day since I declared that I would be switching to 6:1. That means that the week would begin no differently to how it began under 5:2 and that meant going to an Aquafit class on an empty stomach. I had real problems with sleeping on the previous night, and I didn't manage to sleep beyond 4am, but the Aquafit session still went really well.

Lunch consisted of the usual scrambled eggs with two slices of cold meat, and I had a piece of meat with some salad for my evening meal once again. I found it a bit difficult to get to sleep last night but once I got to sleep, I didn't have the same problems as the previous night in terms of staying asleep and so, I didn't wake up until after 6am this time after getting up on just a few occasions during the night to go to the toilet.

So far, all of this is standard fare and no different...

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Managed to fast despite feeling very hungry today. Perhaps because I am now eating less on feed days it means I am hungrier on fast days. All part of getting used to it I guess. Hopefully feeling this rough is not the norm.
Today I have managed to get into my size 10 jeans. They are snug but I can sit down in them! I will weigh again in the morning and hope the scales are kind!
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There were four people fasting at the class last night. They only issue I found was that my energy levels were significantly lower, it's difficult to say whether I would have worked harder but either way it felt great!!

Happy happy happy!
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Well it's Monday and the excesses of the weekend are rapidly becoming a distant memory,

Excesses? Well actually I don't think I ate any more than I would normally have eaten. There was quite a lot of meat on Saturday but it was lean steak with a baked potato and yesterday I went out for lunch, yes it was a curry but the portions were not huge - about half of what you get in a take away so maybe I shouldn't feel too bad about it. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to the comfort and simplicity of a fast day.

The dog has hurt his leg - looks like a minor cruciate ligament injury and I don't want it to get worse. This means enforced rest for him which means I won't be yomping off into the sunset for a few days. It also means he is going mad. An 18 month old border collie has a HUGE appetite for hard excersize, if he were to write down "Hobbies and Interests" on a dog CV it would read "Running, Jumping and Climbing" so it's ironic that he hurt his leg getting off the sofa...

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