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I started this as a reply to someone else's post and thought it should be here instead and maybe on the inspirational stories section.

I think I have done WW 7 times and Slimming World 9 times. That is an awful lot of money over the years. The number of attempts may be higher. I have ALWAYS put the minuscule amount of weight back on plus its friend, because I couldn't carry on with the constant guilt trips because I caved in and had a biscuit, which turned into the whole packet of biscuits.

I have been on anti-depressants because my feelings of failure, due to my weight, spread into the rest of my life. At one point I was on the verge of divorcing my (utterly lovely) husband because I thought he must be a pervert of some kind for actually wanting to have sex with the blob I had become, my self loathing was so extreme.

I became my weight, I was judged, by others, in my own mind on nothing but my weight. I assumed people were being nice to my face then being bitchy behind my back....

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It isn't! Honest! Diet? Should that read DIE IT! Let's face facts. How many of us have dieted before? How many of us have dieted for decades? What has been the result? Overall, weight gain. This should be called Freedom. That's how it feels. Freedom from the rollercoaster of gains and losses, losses and gains. Freedom from guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit, guilt, sod it, might as well eat until I vomit.

I personally feel as though, some kind soul has said, here's the key to bliss. Eat to 100 or 110% of your daily needs, 5 times a week, eat what you want within those guidelines and two days a week restrain yourself. That's it, simples :lol:

We may not lose great lumps in one go, but then we don't gain great lumps in one go either. It's slow, it might seem at times non-existent, but it's in the right direction and, please God, it's long lasting ...

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So after 8 weeks on the 5:2/4:3 I am really pleased to say that so far I have lost 13lb and in the next stone bracket :victory:

Now I just have to stay focused and keep chipping away and reminding myself that I did not put all of this weight on overnight so it is not going to disappear over night! Because often find my will power and determination just do one on me :confused: so I need to be my own personal nag and keep checking in on here and calling out for help on the odd occasion as i'm sick of been a statistical yo-yo dieter!!!

This past week has been up and down for me because at the beginning of the week I had birthday meals and drinks over a couple of nights, then a bit of a stomach bug and then the past couple of fast days I have nearly doubled my 500 cals. ...

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It has rained all day. Gusts of wind too so stuck indoors. Managed to set up the chick house and run and my babies are now outside. They seem a bit shell shocked so have shut them in the house with food and water. I am pleased three hatched together as it is easier to get them used to outdoors.
I am pleased to clear the space in the spare room as I want to put a table in there for my sewing machine. I have several projects in mind but need somewhere away from the cats and dog. I have a yearning to make a patchwork quilt. As it will be my first it will be a simple design but am planning it in blue and white to go in our bedroom. I have lots of ideas of things to make for our home and know that getting stuck into something will keep me out of the cake tin.
OH is boarding the downstairs ceiling of the Gite today which is great. It is coming on well which is a happy thought.
I have eaten too much this week but am planning a fast tomorrow. The quilt will keep me busy and out of the pantry!...

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fast day number 10 went fine yesterday, I've really got into the routine of not eating until an early evening meal. However weigh-in this morning was a bit disappointing, I've gained half a kilo ts week. I suppose that's the price to pay for the goodies of Easter. I think I'll try having an extra restricted calorie day, maybe I'll fast for 24 hours on Saturday but eat a normal meal in the evening instead of a fast day meal. This would make it kind of two and a half days fasting in a week. I'll also try this week to be more careful about what I eat on feast days, a bit less feast and a bit more normal! Rendez-vous with the scales at the end of next week.
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