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Week four started sort of ok, I fasted on the Monday and the Thursday. One thing I have learnt very quicky is that you have to really look after yourself on this diet. My immune system is not very strong and I am prone to worry a lot and make myself ill. After the fast on Thursday I went to bed, but didn't sleep too great and woke up with an immense headache and feeling very sick which lasted nearly all day. My period had started and I had come up in a cold sore. This I know was a culmination of a week's mishaps, (I crashed my car) and unhealthy habits the previous weekend (too much crap food and wine and late nights). My husband is a bit naffed off with me as I took most of the week off work (we run our own business)and of course he blames the diet! So this weekend I have stocked up on healthy foods, lots of water and herbal teas, and a promise to nourish my body and get some good rest. On a positive, my weight is heading in the right direction. I have lost a 1/2 stone in one month,...

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Having been in the country for a few days, I arrived home last night (on a fast day) at 6 pm without having had any food all day. I treated myself to a very small pasta bolognese (with the rest of the family)... BUT I washed it down with a few small glasses of red, thereby exceeding my 500 cals by about 100. Oh well.... I did at least have a very long fast (about 22 hours without any food). Didn't seem to do too much damage, as when I weighed myself this morning I had finally broken through a milestone! (Yes, I know I shouldn't weigh after a fast day, but I did have a reasonable size dinner last night, so there would have been some food in my system....)

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I've lost 4.6 lbs so far on the fastdiet, which is a big deal to me. Losing 5-20 lbs is hard when that is all you need to lose.
Yesterday was a fast day, and my cals totaled to 514 by the end of the day. It is getting easier to do on fast days. I know that I am not starving and that I will be eating regular the following two to three days. I don't deny myself anything to eat either. Sunday I had a tiramisu for dessert. Totally guilt free and enjoyed myself for the first time in a long time with dessert! In the past, i would have ruined the dessert by feeling guilty. I also find myself eating "normal" on normal days. I don't eat past full. I take my time with the food. I do not rush or shove the food down quickly. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. I ordered the eggplan parmesan with pasta, salad and bread sticks. I had one circle of the eggplant and brought the rest home. I wanted room for dessert.
Once I reach my goal weight, I will fast once per week for the health benefits....

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I have just completed my 6th fast day and managing fairly well. I hit around 550 calories today so getting closer to the magic 500 but not quite there.

Feeling fine overall and the hunger during fasting has diminished with each fasting day completed. But (Sorry to be graphic) I have not been to the toilet for FIVE DAYS NOW!!! :frown: I"m usually very regular ie at least daily. Im eating tonnes of veg & fruit along with copious amounts of water so :confused: My food consumption overall is reduced, even on feast days as Im tending to need less & what I am eating is healthy.

Is anyone else suffering the same & what remedies are you employing?
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Ok, part of me was going 8 st 13 lb, 8 st 13 lb! but a second week of 9 stone means that the 3 lb drop last week was not a fluke, or a rock bottom from which I will inevitably bounce back, so whoo hoo anyway. :snail: :snail: :snail:

More time to think of my interim goal award, probably the Kindle of the
Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. As for getting to actual goal weight - organic raw cacao powder, MCT oil and super duper coffee beans.
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