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Never thought I'd make it down to 10st/or size 12 :dazed: Yet here I am 48yrs old 5ft 6" tall and 9st 10lbs (61.7K) and TESCO size 8 :shock: trousers . Won't be getting rid of the 10,s yet though as OH has booked us a weekend away at Easter-my Zumba instructor is away for 2 weeks :frown: so no Zumba :cry: and when I'm not on tills....the only other exercise I get is running around helping customers locate goods or replenishing shelves/displays (23hrs Mon-Thurs) :doh: Will be interesting to see what the end of the Easter Challenge and...

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Yesterday was my first normal eating day after my first fast and as thought I really did cut my food intake just because I didn't want it rather than restricting myself however I fully enjoyed the vino I treated myself too!

Today was my second fast day and so far no headache and very little hunger pangs, I will enjoy my dinner when I have it but I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything which is fantastic. I do need to keep reminding myself that any benefits from this will take time as I am impatient and assume good results happen as quickly as bad but we all know its not the case, I feel better and will do my first weigh in tomorrow.

So far so good, looking forward to all the great health benefits that come with this.

Today's menu will/has consisted of. A smoothie which works well for me on a morning and is nothing different to any other days breakfast and dinner will be a Malaysian curry with veg, thank you Innocent your pots of goodies have been really good this week as I haven't...

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It was a non-fast day so it was all good. It was also my first non-fast day that I didn't track what I ate...

SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW=264.8 down another .6 after a really up day :like:
Calories =?
Net Carbs = ?
Fat= ?
Protein= ?
Sleep =6:22 90%
Steps= 5832 6 flights of stairs - It looks like this is about average for what I do when I feel like crap and skip the treadmill

So you will note that there was a loss on the scale. You may also note that I did not keep track of what I ate yesterday. We had a group over last night, all preparing scrapbooks for their children. We had a counter full of finger foods, dips, and lovely desserts. Yep, I ate a bit of everything. Even if I had counted how much of each thing I ate-no idea how to get it into MFP accurately. I felt like I over ate, as I put one more little dessert in my mouth as I was thinking "man I am stuffed".

So now I go into my...

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Sunday night, knowing I'd be fasting today, I ate some bundt cake I wasn't really in the mood to watch that "preventive eating." I suppose I could blame shopping at Whole Foods (for those not in the U.S., its nickname is "Whole Paycheck," and the bakery is legendary), but I'm the one who needs to be responsible for what I buy and what I eat. No one else.
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Second fast day of the week. I find Mondays easier than Thursdays for some reason. I think the beginning of the working week is better psychologically. On the other hand once today is over I've got a clear three days before next fast. But really none of it has been difficult. This is nothing like having to weigh and record absolutely everything you ever eat every single day. Two days a week I eat very little and the rest if the time I eat normally. But even my 'normally' has changed. I am definitely eating smaller portions of food and am no longer shovelling food into my mouth. I have lost my fear of being hungry and that little voice which kept urging me to keep on eating in case case what I don't case someone came and took all the food away maybe.

I seem to have taken a step back from food and can see past each mealtime now. I know that if I am hungry I can find something to eat, no-one has stolen all the food. So I have become much more relaxed about eating and...

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