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Fast number 6 today and it's a struggle. I could happily eat everything in the house, whether it's nailed down or not but have so far managed to resist. I think it's because it's truly miserable outside and I'm tired (horrid baby!) and I would normally be snacking the afternoon away to keep the exhaustion at bay. I'm also supposed to be writing a presentation and researching some other teaching materials for a course later on in the week but it's just not happening. Too tired to concentrate, too tired to give a monkeys, plus I have a 17 month old surgically attached to me which is making everything twice as much effort as it should be.

But enough whingeing. I've cooked up a batch of my Mum's vegetable chili which I'm going to have for dinner. It's filling the house with lots of yummy smells and I'm very much looking forward to it. It took almost twice as long as normal to prepare as I had to log everything into MyFitnessPal to calculate the calorie content because my pocket book...

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Yes a mildly odd title but they're the main things in my life at the mo, husband and child aside!

So found out Pokemon is now on Netflix, I've been avidly watching it with Sofia, who now loves it and can name 10 Pokemon. Proud mum, exasperated dad! lol,

On the Warcraft side (I apologies if I loose the ones who have no idea what World of Warcraft is at this point!) Finally, after roughly a year and a half, got my Tauren Paladin to 90, and am now being made to make her into a tank even though I have no idea how, or any real interest in it! While doing that and trying to get a tank set together i'm leveling a monk to finish the classy Tauren achievement! So all busy on there, thank the stars i'm not raiding too! :lol:

And onto my greatest note of worth, I've only gone and lost half a blooming stone! :victory: ...

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Fingers crosse that my weight loss of 1lb a week has finally settled in. 3weeks till center parcs weekend away and 7 weeks till my op. I am optimistic that I may reach my interim goal. 3 more pounds to go. :grin:
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I have started on a new phase of the 5:2 diet yesteday. I didn't eat at all until dinner time. I had a cup of coffee at breakfast time, went to work, had a cup of tea at recess time, and again at lunch time, then I went until dinner with nothing to eat. I was very nervous about doing this and had 2 miso soup sachets in my purse and an orange in my bag. Amazingly I didn't need them. I was pretty hungry by the end of the day and we had a fairly big meal of salmon, tofu, broccolini with an Asian sauce. No rice, was the difference from a normal day. It astounded me that I didn't feel sick, or even very hungry. Not faint. Nothing. I just got on with the day. It was a work day so it will be interesting to see how I go on Monday, which is a home day.
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I managed to fast on Monday and Thursday this week, which is my ideal spacing of the 2 low days.

On Monday I had Scottish Dancing in the evening - having something to go to which requires me to drive is a great way to take my mind off fasting.

On Tuesday, even though it was a normal day, I tried one of the Hairy Dieters recipes - the parma wrapped cod on roast veg. Husband thought it delciious, and he's keen to try other recipes from the book. It seems to be a great source of ideas when sharing meals with family.

Thursday I took a different approach - I knew I'd be having a sandwich lunch through work, so I made myself a typical under 100 cal breakfast, and was amazed that I had a choice of several meals in mind for under 100 cals for dinner. I could have made a big fruit salad with melon, blueberries, grapefruit and pears. I could have used those zero noodles and done a tomato based sauce to go with. I had an aubergine which I could have turned into a sort of dip to eat with celery...

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