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I still despise daily weighing, but I have stuck with it this week. I did 3 bulletproof style fasts and dropped 4lb's. However I did go back to my 'old' way of eating - mostly paleo (low carb), with only one day a week as a carb re-feed. No grains. Also now fully embraced the Californian lifestyle and given up the booze. I think a combination of all of this things has given me a kick start. For those of you who don't know what bulletproof is - its here ... rning-too/
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This week showed a loss of 1.6 lbs, which makes my total loss so far 10.8 lbs -- down another sugar bag for 2 sugar bags lost in total!!!! 1.6 for the week was less than I was hoping for, but still numbers to be proud of and pleased with! Checking my daily numbers, this looks like a tiny plateau, so I'm taking some time to consider what steps I will take when I experience plateaus in the future. Haven't decided yet, as I don't feel rushed, as I'm not in one yet really. I'll start worrying when the scale doesn't budge at all for a week, but it's good to have a plan in place.

Lessons learned this week:
-as much as I like to think that I'm not effected by the number on the scale, I absolutely am
-low 160s is when I start to feel like me again, like somehow my personality hides inside folds of fat. I'm feeling sexier and more confident and it's crazy to think that I used to weigh more than 20lbs less than this. No wonder my old self was a confident powerhouse. I'm starting to feel good naked...

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I hope this is really my last attempt to go back to a normal weight for life! I am 45 years old and was a skinny girl until adolescence hit and started gaining some weight. I am a typical apple :frown: so getting rid of my huge belly has been my struggle.

I moved from Mexico to France when I was 26 and there I learned to eat really good food, drink wine and beer but somehow I managed not to gain weight, so I was still a little overweight but not awful. I guess the fact that I was active and my food choices were not that terrible helped.

But 5 years later I moved to USA and OMG! without noticing at first, I started gaining weight until I was about 20 pounds overweight in just over a year! :shock: I just started buying larger clothes sizes, and didn't really think about it. I don't even remember how I...

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Am I doing this right as I'm getting confused , I did a fast day yesterday I ate breakfast , carrot sticks and evening meal that came to 509 calories , went to bed got up today ate a normal breakfast of beans and poached egg , had a mackerel salad for lunch and homemade spag Bol fo dinner . It's is around 1100 calories and I have drank 3 litres of water . Is this wrong or right I have read the book and other articles and they are going on about 24 hr and 36 hr fasts ?!?!
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Well it's now a over 5 weeks since I joined the forum. At that time I was looking for some advice on starting my first 5:2 fast week. I decided to do Tuesdays and Thursdays as those days looked as if they would be more convenient, most often.

The first week went ok but I was ravenously hungry after each fast day and was worried that I might over-do the quantities on the following days. I seemed to have lost around a lb by the end of the week and managed to keep it off over the weekend.

The following week I decided to repeat it but this time I found it very much harder. Worse still, after the second fast day in the second week I found myself constantly thinking about food and, even more worrying, I started to find myself craving more and more unhealthy foods.

I should explain that in May last year I gave up eating all "white" foods - anything that is high carbs and white (wheat, rice and potatoes). Amazingly, at that time I found the adjustment incredibly simple....

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