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OK I give up have been trying to change my password for 390 minutes.. because at present I have a temporary one which I will forget! have been all over the site have been to my profile and theres nothing there.............. so how is it done!
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My fasting days are Monday and Thursday. Yesterday I felt kind of odd all day, and worse toward the evening. Not overly hungry although I ate well during the day, but kind of anxious or shaky in a way that is hard to describe. Last evening after work I was waiting for dinner to be ready, and I felt as if I had low blood sugar. I ate a few crackers and a slice of bread but it didn't really help. Even after eating a delicious bowl of curried quinoa and chicken soup it wasn't much better. I even had a bowl of gelato for dessert.
I ended up going to bed early just because I didn't like how I was feeling.

This morning I weighed myself, just out of curiosity, and I'm down 2 pounds after 6 days on this plan. I'll weigh again tomorrow because I'd like to record my weekly results. I'm impressed because I ate some "forbidden" (in my mind) foods this week such as samosas and cookies and even a lunch of burger and fries one day. Normally after eating stuff like that I woud be resigned...

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So, my Thursday fast was back on track with a silver medal! had 414 cals for the day and felt full of energy and pep (hell knows what pep actually is!)

Today I've done about 300 cals worth of exercise dancing with Sofia and Stu (who really pulls off daddy dancing with all the grace of a porcupine!)

While dancing around it struck me that I am an odd bod for A. How I look, B. The music I like and C. My general self!

How the hell are they odd I hear you cry!! Well, point A, I dress rather conservatively, plain jeans and either a T-shirt or a shirt, so you'd think I like songs like pop, but that takes me on to point B, I listen to metal, industrial, punk, emo, etc etc, my fave bands consist of System Of A Down, Rammstien, Gemini Syndrome, Thousand Foot Krutch, to name but a few, so you would think that my taste in music means my attitude is the sort of "f**k off and die!" or "the world hates me" but nope, drawing onto point C, I am (as told by the man shape) A kind,...

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Well, after just over a week, 3 fast days a party and a wedding anniversary, I have lost 8 lbs, I am amazed and delighted, I guess it will slow down, but still! It's weight I have had trouble shifting for ages.

I hope my husband will be inspired, he tried 2 fast days, not eaten with me, or that well, and on the last he gave in, not just a little, but big time, a good days fasting ended with him eating a block of stilton, half a loaf and a pack of biscuits, even though I offered to cook him a low cal snack, it might not be for him I guess
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I see that I am classified as being a new member despite joining the site in 2014 - how long do you have to be a member to qualify as not newbie?
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