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This week I have been wearing my new pants with a beautiful top I bought, still size 16 in tops- and I felt great. The pants fit beautifully. I look normal - NOT FAT!!!! I love this WOL!
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The 61.5k that was last Friday became 63.0k :shock: on Monday thanks to a weekend away of cooked brekkies-cream teas-fast food and resturant dining YUM :bugeyes: HOWEVER, this morning I am already back down to 61.7K and whilst I am being careful,I'm not proper fasting as I've not being measuring/weighing my foods and therefore am not sure of my exact calorie intakes :neutral: But isn't that the point of 5:2/4:3/ADF (NOT TO OBSESS) :?: AND FURTHERMORE ZUMBA again tonight straight from work (it's been two weeks off and I need my fix ...

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So yesterday I fasted, my first one since surgery. My last fast was thurs 28th November. To be honest I was prob a bit over as I've forgotten my fast day quantities, and my new temporary sedentary fasting allowance is a lot less than I'm used to. Essentially I had tea, a veg bouillon and slimline tonic until tea. Which was a 175 g of king prawns, a little Rosemarie sauce, half a small jacket potato and some salad. A Lindt chocolate and several diet cokes. I'm a pound down on yesterday so I've gained just 1lb since before Xmas. I'm happy with this.
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i really love this website it's full of information and helpful people :D

Decent into being obese...

OK well a little about me, I have always been the fat girl in my class, My biggest problem is being a binge eater steadily gaining weight every year till my junior year in which i started dropping weight like crazy. I had joined take off pounds sensibly as well as jogging in the mornings with my recruiter for the military. Then i had a accident and hurt my knees. With my inability to do anything that would put strain on my knees, when even walking sometimes was a problem because they could and have given out and made me fall. So my hopes and dreams of the future disappeared, and depression sank in. Along with my depression i had problems at home so moved out and got married to the first guy that paid attention to me. Three years later i had gained all my weight back and more and i have...

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Wahooooo :) nearly finished my first day back on the 5:2/4:3 diet! Feeling really great! Started the day with no breakfast, then had a nice little ham salad for lunch. Then went to the gym and had a really good session for me. I am starting to run again and want to be at 10k in about 10 weeks, so have started a really good new programme. Ran for 15 mins today, 3 min walk then another 10 mins run to finish. Might not sound a lot to some people but for me thats great! Did just over 4k. Then came home and ate chicken breast with salad and broccoli :) very successful fasting day. Gona try and eat healthy tomorrow, but not be overly strict. Feeling so good :) ...

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