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I started fasting on the 20th September, after hearing from a colleague who is doing it too. I've tried multiple diets but never full stuck to them as planning meals isn't my thing.

I started out weighing 11.8st with a BMI of 27.9 = OVERWEIGHT! I hate being like this .My partner, Matt, loves me this way, but I don't...I feel fat and unattractive, I don't want to be super skinny but health and fit.

I started my first day of fasting and it was terrible. I started with 120 calories for breakfast, no lunch and then stupidly went and did the food shopping. I got home and passed out - instantly Matt made me have 4 chocolate bars and dinner to get my blood sugar back up (he's a paramedic). He told me I was banned from every doing it again.

Never mind him! I tried it again the following Monday - 3 litres of water kept the headache away, breakfast and dinner, but I felt really hungry during the day. After reading some information online and Dr MM's book, i tried not having breakfast and fasting...

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Could I? Should I? Would I? Would'nt I? Did I? Didn't I?I DID - AND I ENJOYED not one but two delicious pancakes each with choc spread and freshly chopped strawberries,raspberries and apricot :shock: How many cals :?: Did'nt dare to try to calculate :dazed: But then I had moved my fast day to Today and could always do an extra repair day if needed (COULD'NT I?) :grin: SCALES SAY 62.4 :lol: STILL GOING DOWN :heart: How did everyone else do? Did you...

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It's 10:27 iv had a cup of tea and a 100g of grapes and according to calorie count that's nearly 200 cals :curse: I keep thinking about food so I'm going to keep myself busy to distract myself. Not coming back on the forum today, I will update in the morrow. :like:
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Last week because of live and commitments I could only 5:2 which meant I've had longer feed days all together- and I was BAD this weekend, lots of cream cakes and eating out and carbs carbs carbs. I'm paying the price for it today- I have pretty much gained back ALL of the weight I lost...Just in a weekend, is that really possible?????? I'm going to be super strict with myself this week- 3 really good fasts, low carbs, lots of water. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: ...

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Curiouser and curiouser, 2 lbs down this week which puts my Fast-5 average back to 1 lb per week and this is despite the following factors:

1. I have not increased my exercise, in fact rather the opposite as I am a fair-weather walker. I started doing 4 x 30 second sprints but only did it on 2 days out of my planned 3. I do strength exercises on 3 days a week but not in one session, I do them between chores or book chapters.

2. I overate on Friday and was not hungry when my window opened on Saturday but started eating anyway. Although I did 36 hour water fasts sometimes on 5:2 I'm a bit scared of going too long without eating if I am fasting every day. If this happens again, I will hold off until I either feel hungry or the end of the window approaches, and have a large omelette and salad.

3. No progress on going without pastry for a week!

Fast-5 works!
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