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Not sure what to write - it has been so long since I posted here! Since the November post, I did go back to fasting until the end of the year. It is a habit that has been so firmly ingrained, the familiarity has become reassuring to me. But what is the point of fasting when on non-fast days, I eat too much?
So very deliberately starting in 2015 I made a special effort not to fast. It was so very hard, but I knew deep down that I needed to address my relationship with food as a priority before it gets completely out of control.

The first thing that happened was that I read this ... t-fat.html and made a start. There is nothing earth shattering about this plan apart from the fact that there is alot less food than I have been eating in this past...

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2 v small pieces of Christmas cake (basically part of the tops I chopped off the tin can cakes I made to get them to fit in the tub)
biscuit (homemade)
5 pieces chocolate

Donner meat & chips with salad (takeaway)
1/2 poppadom


Flax crackers with cream cheese
1 Choc eclair
(someone wanted to go halves on a box)
small piece of homemade fudge(for testing purposes)
Beef stew
2 ginger biscuits
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I don't know whether it's been playing on my mind but I'm sure there is more room in bed. I have a silly habit of;
1st - lie on my right side
2nd - turn over to my left and then 5 seconds later my tummy follows :oops:

Then I repeat all over again and again and again (get the visualisation). I eventually fall asleep on my left side. Now when I've been doing this bedroom gymnastics everynight my body seems to be more responsive. In other words when I turn over it's not so much of a mountain to shift :grin:

Now, my hubby steals all of the bed (seems like it), I feel like I have more room . So yay, this is a better way of life :lol:

Repairing Tuesday ,Thursday and 16/8 3 days a week
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weight: 8st 10.75

Ok so it's a loss and I'll take it. Better than nothing. I wasn't able to do a fast yesterday and in fact while I easily made it til 2pm before starting to eat, I had a scary experience later on. So basically I had coffee all morning and then lunch. I then had a couple of boiled sweets and went home. I felt fine and decided to walk the dogs for 10mins and intended to have dinner then. While out walking, my blood sugar took a terrible dive, I got the shakes, saw white in front of my eyes and basically had hypoglycemia. I used to get it years ago on diets but it's been a long time. It was getting worse and worse even though I wasn't hungry. I got home and basically had to put a load of crap into my body to try and remove the feeling, so my food went as follows:

7am: coffee with milk
9am ditt0
10am: ditto
12pm: fizzy water and coffee with milk
2pm: brown bagel with 2 easy singles and butter
digestive biscuit
3-5pm 3 boiled sweets
645pm: half iceburger,...

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Here I go again trying to loose weight. Dieted for years on & off. The weight goes down & then goes up. I have health issues that definitely would improve if I wasn't as heavy. A couple of years ago I had a heart scare (turned out to be genetic) but the cardiologist advised me to loose weight or I would die. Well I didn't listen & now weigh even more.

Fast forward to 05/12/2012 when I became a grandma (I'm actually YiaYia) to the gorgeous Ethan. I WILL NOT loose out on being with him for as long as I possibly can.

I hope 5:2 will help in my new way of life.

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