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:heart: AWESOME, this is the word I would describe this new way of life. In 4 weeks I have lost an amazing 6" off my waist and 15 lb lighter and various other inches have disappeared.
When I feel a bit more confident I will post my pics but for now I will carry on the good work!! :victory:
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My Dryathlon blog, for my cousin
Beginning of week 2
Like many a habit, it started innocently and crept up insidiously. I've always enjoyed a drink in the evening and hub and I would sit companionably with some wine or a spirit and mixer , unwinding and watching TV.
But two things happened last year, which I can see were catalysts for my decision, though I couldn't see it at the time.
First of all, we had a lovely summer; cocktails and aperitifs with friends or by ourselves, wine with a barbe and sundowners watching the sunset. All very 'innocent' and it carried on during the weekends, then weekdays, from July into November - and then it was Christmas.
Secondly, I lost my beloved cousin to the ravages of alcoholism.

We enjoyed Christmas to the full and several bottles of interesting things sat on the drinks tray. Being a tidy soul, I was intent on finishing them, sometimes having a comforting snifter while I cooked the meal. I was still losing weight, so was allowing for an alcohol allowance...

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Week 1- Fast day number 2/3.

I am struggling to write this as my hungry tummy is somehow making my computer warp in and out. Ok, that is a slight exaggeration but right now, I am hungry. My focus is on the success of the day, 500 cals consumed in the last 24 hours, by the time I eat breakfast I will have managed 36 hours on 500 calories. So, instead of reaching for the nearest edible item (the dog is looking kind of tempting) I shall soon head to bed, safe in the knowledge that when I wake up tomorrow I shall feel immensely proud of myself.

The lovely thing about this diet, is the comforting thought that this hunger will only be for a few hours. I am not going to die. I might be a little bit snappy (sorry kids) and concentrating may be beyond me, but surely it is worth it? Tomorrow I can enjoy three healthy meals completely guilt-free with maybe even the odd biscuit to dunk in my tea cup. How many other diets can boast this? Um, none, apart from the See-food and eat-it diet of course...

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Phew! Not so bad although my dh invited friends over for a late supper - after I had eaten - and I had to watch while they dug into steak, potatoes and pie for dessert! I made it though. Thank goodness it was cherry pie (which I don't really like) If it had been apple, I might have been in trouble! :victory: I'm down a pound this morning - very happy about that especially since I've been enjoying a lot of Christmas treats. Now to more sensible eating and 2 days of fasting a week. I'm really hoping to make my Valentine Challenge goal - to be in the 140s. I have 7.6 pounds to go.
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Hi folks,
I am a catastrophic dieter. The harder I tried to lose weight the fatter I got. I was really nervous about starting 5:2....because I am really motivated against feeling unpleasant in any way. I think this is because I had a few health disasters as a child. Now, I absolutely have not been able to calorie restrict myself for more than a day for about 10 years, the result of signing on to SureSlim.....that is another story, but, the bottom line is even thinking about restricting my eating made me binge.
I am coming up to my third week of 5:2 and it is really liberating. I am losing weight, so far, and not turning crazy.... This is great....more later....
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