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Just a quick nip in before I hit the road for school run and a hospital visit for MIL who is awaiting a new knee.

I'm fasting today after a nice weekend, over TDEE but not too bad and Mr LJ and I did manage a walk along the beach with Gemma the dog on Saturday. The wind nearly blew us away and we definately burnt off twice as many calories on the way back as we did on the way out - in case you are worrying about my virtuous performance we did have a Fish Supper after the walk - what's that you say? Did we only go to the beach so that we could go to that chip shop? How dare you.... :oops:

Many thanks to Susbut65 for your kind comments, I've given a little reply on your blog.

Have a great day all :clover:
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So I have been a bit lapse with blogging and forum boards, today I realize I need to be looking and using as this helps to keep me focused!

I actually put 1lb back on last week and yes.... I know this is not the end of the world!! However it could have been the beginning of the slippery slope!

Last week I think I was in celebration mode with completing the dryathlon, I was also half hearted about my fast days, and I had every excuses in the book of why I should not exercise!!

So this morning I reluctantly put my extra lb back on my tracker, then I started looking around and spotted the valentines challenge that I signed up for! which made me realize I only need to loose 2lbs this week to hit that target!! So watch this space 5:2ers I will reach my target and complete my 2nd challenge of 2014!!

And now I have also joined the Easter challenge THE LARD HAS TO GO!

I am feeling so much better for being on here ...

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I have decided to start a blog. Obviously. The aim is to help me work out strategies to manage/prevent (over) eating when I am not hungry.

A recap on me, in case anyone else reads this. I have been borderline overweight since puberty, with some notable exceptions. I had not dieted since early adulthood but when I retired from paid work, I started putting on more weight. I came across a short article on 5:2 in a magazine, I decided it was something I could do, and I did. I lost on average about half a kg a week, and reached my arbitrary goal after 36 weeks, having lost 18kg to reach a BMI of 21-22. That is now over 3 years ago. I seemed to lose the weight very easily at that time. I followed the basic 5:2 but did make some other changes to my diet - reducing pasta, rice, bread, fruit. My basic diet has always been quite healthy - I already ate a lot of vegetables and not much processed food, but chocolate is a weakness as well as binge eating in the evening. My other major challenge is...

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Ugh - slightly hungover today and especially due to lack of sleep. My partner and I wake up intent on consuming as much crappy food to make ourselves feel better. The day was completely uncontrolled:

bfast: rice
lunch: chips with garlic mayo, kebab and vanilla milkshake

Total: 2000 cals

I give to a 4/10 although I always know my Sundays are a disaster
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On my fast day I talked with several friends of mine about our plans for breakfast the next day. In my mind, I really wanted to go to a buffet! I mean I thought I was going to be soooo hungry that I would totally gorge myself on macadamia nut pancakes and crispy fried bacon. Alas, It did not turn out that way. The day after my fast. I had a little more than 1/2 a pancake and a few bites of loco moco (white rice topped with a hamburger patty, egg, and gravy). This is way less then I thought I was going to eat. I didn't even get hungry for lunch until about 2pm. I'm very happy with how that turned out. Hopefully my appetite the day after fasting continues to be like that. Next goal is to add more healthy choices to the foods I eat =)
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