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3 days after first post and basically I have had three days of ridiculous feasting. Due to circumstances I haven't had a fast yet so I am gonna go for 2 in a row commencing tomorrow. Looking forward to it (even though that's weird)
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Saw a post mentioning dukan diet attack. Had a bit of a look and filled in the true weight questions on their website. It puts my true weight at 11st 4lb , BMI 27.1. My target is 11stone, which is BMI of 26.4.
It states the extra 4lb is needed for maintenance in the long term!
We shall see how I feel in a stone's time!
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Am in still experiencing this 5:2 honeymoon period after 2 months? I have upped my exercise, stuck to the 2 day reduction, stopped gorging myself on rubbish, and have shunned most unhealthy activities...

Bit disappointed. Missed out on the job at the Vatican. Oh well, I am way to young.

Seriously. This approach is turning me into a born again. Not the religious type, but more the get up and go type.
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It's been a month since I made a blog entry. A lot has happened since early sept. I have lost a couple of pounds. Started the couch to 5 k and am enjoying the challenge. I have also done an insane terrain run. Last week I got the date for my hysterectomy. I have now realised that I will not reach my interim target (12 stone)by then so as long as I'm 12 stone something (12-10 would be nice)I will be very happy. So I have 8 weeks to get to this, in 5 weeks we have a family holiday at center parcs 14 of us altogether, with 2 toddlers. Many a competitive session with my little sister as usual.
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Well that is my third week done. This time round it has been much easier. I don't know whether it truly is or if it is just that my head is in the right place just now. I hope I can keep this going. I am trying to firmly establish Monday and Thursday as my fast days no matter what. I know it is okay to be flexible but I feel if I miss a day it will be a slippery slope.
It has occured to me today that I have not had a migraine since I came back to 5:2. I had believed hunger was a trigger but obviously not!
There are still people around me who think fasting is wrong and I won't lose weight due to my body going into starvation mode. I don't know what the scales are doing but today I have worn a size 10 skirt that a few weeks ago would go nowhere near me. That is good enough for me!
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