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I was at home alone for most of the day. I think this will be easier if I fast on my work days. I thought I'd feel tired or jittery but not at all. If anything I felt lighter in a way. I can definitely do this and work, it's not such a big deal and it will be easier to do with distractions.
That's what I've learned from today.
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Today my fitbit arrived at last. So now I am armed with fitbit, my fitness pal and 5.2 fast diet forum. If I don't succeed now I'm hopeless. :clover:
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This week I recorded a loss of 2.8lbs - which took me to a total of 28.8lbs 7 weeks!!!

Very nice psychological boost to get very slightly past the 2 stone mark! We're never happy though, are we? Naturally, I would've preferred a larger loss, ha ha! But, it is what it is...and if you'd have told me 7 weeks ago that I would be standing here recording that sort of a loss.....I'd have said you were having a laugh!!

So, it's the final push this week! Check out my BSD musings thread to read more about my despondent final week. Hopefully, I'll regroup......keep your fingers crossed for me please!! Xxx
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As predicted, or maybe self fulfilling prophesy, today was tough!
Thought I might struggle with one day between fasts and it's been the most difficult day. I know it's only my second week but maybe too soon to try what was essentially alternative day fasting. :curse:

I even resorted to hopping on this forum at lunchtime and I must say it did the trick, so thanks to everyone who posted under who's fasting today, or something similar. :like: Safety in numbers!

I did look at the poor sleep thing and I realize it's not unheard of and I'll just weather the storm, seems to settle in time, so hopefully that will be me too.

I'm thinking food, food and more food at the moment, lucky for me my 24hrs ends at 7pm! Currently 6.15pm NT time, yahoo!!!

Good luck to everyone, still seeing food!!!
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Monday I had 450 calories. I stepped on the scale yesterday and was up .3 to 134. Really?
I really hate water fluctuations. Yesterday I broke my fast at 4:50 pm. I was only able to eat 1100 calories. It should have been higher, but I just didn't feel like eating more. I'm usually in bed by 9pm, since my husband and I both wake up at 4:30. I work 6:00 am to 4pm, with no breaks. I may need to bring a snack for the ride home on non-fast days.

Just got home from work and weighed. I'm at 133.5.
Looking forward to just having a bowl of cereal with skim milk.
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