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Greetings All:

Does anyone get a backache right around the Kidney area toward the latter part of the day? I do. :frown:
Not debilitating but just a dull aching. And I have never had back problems.
Anyone have any ideas what is going on?
One thing, it doesn't persist when I go to sleep, which is helpful.
Maybe I should drink more liquids?

Mad Dick II
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On Friday last, my usual weigh-in day (being the day after my 2nd fast day of the week) I reached my target. On our scales this is 9st 3lb which is after a fairly rough'n'ready correction for the fact that our scales are optimistic, about 9st 5lb. I set this as a target to allow for a 2lb 'bounce back' which is what seems to happen every week between the end of my 2nd fast day (always the low point) and the start of the 1st fast day of the next week (the high point). So my idea is to maintain at 9 1/2 stone, which is pretty much in the middle of the 'normal' BMI range and is more or less the weight I was in my early twenties, and much lighter than I have been ever since.

Since starting 5:2 on 3 September 2012, through to 25 April 2013, it's been an absorbing - at times too absorbing - journey and rather than bore everyone by posting about it as a Progress Report I'm experimenting by writing...

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I twisted my ankle yesterday in my aerobics class. It was fine whilst I was there but then seized up big time whilst I was out shopping with my daughter. Managed to buy her winter coat, my new undies, but not my sisters birthday present, which is the main reason we went out. Had to drive home, very badly, iced it most of the evening on and off. It's ok now, a bit tender, but can walk on it, thank goodness, so won't be running today. :cry:
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Well this is it. Got up, had two coffees, taken the dog for a run with his girlfriend (don't worry, they are both "done") and am now brewing the first green tea of the day. The plan is to go through till tea time on green tea then have a light meal of salmon in tomato sauce and purple broccoli. I'll add some pasta to my wife's meal but leave it off mine. Let's do this thing.
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Ok, I'm still under my target weight - just! I'd wanted a little 'wiggle room' over Christmas, so I lost another 4lbs, but I've wiggled a lot and used most of it up.
I count myself very fortunate this year, in many ways: a supportive hubs, a lovely family, job I love and... food on the table. Truly lucky.
But I also enjoy my new lighter self and don't want to return to blubberland, so, in writing this, I'm giving myself a kick up the whatsit and a not too gentle reminder that I can't eat like I've eaten for the past 2 days and not put it back on.
It's been a hard road at times to lose it and it would be a very easy U turn; in fact, my stomach is rumbling now and I'm salivating at the thought of a roast dinner.
But no, dear stomach, you will not have your own way this time.
I have a delicious chickpea and veggie curry planned for this evening, so none of this 'feeling deprived' lark, please.

In fact, dear stomach, you and I are going to lose another half stone or...

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