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Signed up to Easter Challenge 6th Feb :like: weighing 64.1kg :grin:
Fri 7th Feb exactly 64.0kg :lol: Evening meal 10th(Harvester Havoc)resulted in MASSIVE 65.8kg :confused: :shock: :razz: :cry:
FRI 14 FEB 64.5kg :neutral:
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SW 3/1/13 =274.8
CW=271.4 no change
Calories = 1661
Net Carbs = 71g/18%
Fat= 107g/62%
Protein= 77g/20%

So my up days are still really not up. But even though they are on the low side of my allowable calories, the scale doesn't seem to want to move down. Go figure. Today is a "fast" day. So between my coffee and tea and Castor Oil I get 100 calories in the morning, and that leaves about 400 for my yogurt and then dinner. It works. I have planned it all out in MFP.

We have company again on Friday, so that will be a high calorie day for sure. Tuesday and Thursday are "fast" days, Wednesday a moderate day. I am in week 2. In order to be progressing in the right direction, I need to see below 268 on the scale at least once this week.

So yesterday the pollen hit. I am not allergic, but massive amounts in the doses I exposed myself to while I was gardening do mess with my sinuses. Consequently last night was one of the worst night's "sleep" I have had in a very...

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129 today,

My goal for Christmas is 124 so I had better get a move on if I,m going to get there in time.

I,m fasting 4-5 times per week just for the next two weeks.

Yesterday was a fast day 500 cals

Today I water fasted for 22 hours and then had 1000 cals. Fast started 7.30 pm.
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sooo.... 14 months after giving birth to my beautiful daughter, I figure I should start getting this weight off!! when I got pregnant I weighed around the 9.6/7 mark (having battled to lose weight!) I embraced the fear and this morning found I now weigh 11.10 (and 1/4!!)

my other half has been doing this for a few weeks more so for health...he doesnt need to lose an ounce annoyingly!! and one of my best friends whilst browsing in waterstones the other day I saw the book and decided I was finally going to get slim again!!

my OH has fast days on mon and fri so to make life easy, have adopted the samedays... today is my first day and I didnt quite realise how hungry I would be lol... I have an unhealthy addiction to energy drinks (which I am also trying to kick!) and I must confess that 270 of my 500 allowance has gone to them! but on the plus side not a morsel has crossed my lips... I finish work in 20 mins and then am greatly looking forward to my massive 230cal dinner haha......

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Was finding it tough going yesterday-my 9th fast and just didn't feel in control!! HOWEVER, weighed this morning and I've lost 2lb this week :shock: so that's 6lb in almost 4 weeks,yeah I'll take that,ta
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