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My first fast day today not has bad has I thought. I felt really hungry about 4pm had a glass of water and went and had a chat. Feeling a bit peckish now but not truly hungry. :like:
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No weight lost this week, in fact a small gain of quarter llb. How did that happen with 2 really good liquid fast days and a 5 mile hike on one of them! With an average loss of half pound a week, 7 weeks to go to Christmas and 4 lb to shed, I don't think it's going to happen :( Was really wanting to hit the 11st mark for Christmas - still I must and will press on - who knows I MAY just make it !! :neutral:
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Current Actual Weight: 72.3kg (11 stone 5 pounds)
Current Trend Weight: 72.8kg (11 stone 6 pounds)

When I got up yesterday morning, it wasn't as frosty as what it was on the previous day, but there was a cold wind blowing to make it equally important that I stock up on hot, low carb snacks. Consequently, I continued with my break from 16:8 and ate the same breakfast as yesterday (please read yesterday's blog entry for details of that) except that I had replaced yesterday's scrambled eggs with two poached eggs.

Another big difference from the previous day, was that I had a gym session which means that I was going to be burning more calories. That made me feel confident that I would be able to avoid the same weight gain as what I showed yesterday, even if I were to eat the same diet. I have another android app installed which helps me to log my cardio results and with that, I have set a target for burning 1,000 calories over my two gym sessions on Sundays and Wednesday (this app counts...

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fasted Tues Thurs April 2/4, followed by Mon 8th and then Wed 10th April...I fell down a bit bfst starving all day, had soup 3.30pm, then dinner and I couldn't stop eating had egg/toast/butter/honey @ 8.30pm...well now I know why people think the fast is hard, my first struggle day, back at it again tomorrow Friday 12th April - I will do my weekly weigh in Saturday this week as I like to weigh after fast day. I have lost 3kg to last Friday...this is my lightest in about 2/3 years - I have been steadily gaining and have not been able to stick to any diet for more than 1.5 weeks.
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Just a quick nip in before I hit the road for school run and a hospital visit for MIL who is awaiting a new knee.

I'm fasting today after a nice weekend, over TDEE but not too bad and Mr LJ and I did manage a walk along the beach with Gemma the dog on Saturday. The wind nearly blew us away and we definately burnt off twice as many calories on the way back as we did on the way out - in case you are worrying about my virtuous performance we did have a Fish Supper after the walk - what's that you say? Did we only go to the beach so that we could go to that chip shop? How dare you.... :oops:

Many thanks to Susbut65 for your kind comments, I've given a little reply on your blog.

Have a great day all :clover:
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