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I'm really happy because i lost weight again :) i'm sooo terrible about sticking with a diet, and all my good intentions tend to fly out the window, but since i started liquid only on my fast days of 0 or little calories i been able to fast much easier, and even after a semi bad weekend in which i drank way too much and ate too much on saturday, and then the day after i ate <normal amount> when i got on the scale today i was prepaired to see the same weight i been looking at for days but instead i was 1-2 pounds lighter <my scale flucuates like my own mood lol> oh and i got hit on at the party, which is kinda a first for me as well so that was fun too ;)
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Wow, I can't believe I actually did it! I completed my first fast day. It really wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I was expecting to feel exhausted, hungry, with terrible stomach pains but I really didn't suffer any of these (except for the headache I seem to have now after eating dinner). I don't think I have ever drank so much water in my whole life, I feel a tad waterlogged at the moment. I bought a 2L bottle of water while I was out shopping getting my ingredients for my dinner and I nearly drank that whole bottle in about an hour, not to mention all the water I drank throughout the day and the pint of water in the glass to my right. Needless to say I haven't stopped peeing all day.

So, my mother didn't really freak out anywhere near as much as I thought she would. She scoffed in disappointment and judgmental knowing but didn't really have much to say on the matter. She's worried about my health and worried about eating disorders, which is a typical mother response but I'm a grown...

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....and I daren't weigh myself, I feel heavier and clothes feel tighter. Fasting again today so might hop on the scales in the morning (is that cheating??). If i've lost nothing I will know why - too many calories on non fasting days, might try counting but really don't want to.

Highlight of last week - discovering a spin class (albeit I haven't been able to walk since!) Lowlight - my second fast day, went over by 200 calories and had the worst headache.
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Well I did get weighed last Wednesday, the first day on 5:2 for me, and I genuinely believed that as that was a fast day, I would have gained when I weighed myself again on Sunday, a non-fast day, especially as I had spent Saturday evening with a good friend and a three course meal and some (read to much!) wine. Anyway, I was 60gram down, which I believe is about 1 1/3 lbs. I have decided to have Monday and Wednesday or Thursday as fast day (although I am fasting today, as we had a nice family day yesterday for the bank holiday, and I figured it'd be easier to fast on a work day) try to be sensible with my eating, and limit my eating 'window' to between 10 and 18, on the other weekdays, and let my hair down for two days at the weekend, that can mean Saturday/Sunday or Friday/Saturday depending on plans. I have also decided to get weighed twice a week, once on a fast day (so Wednesday or Thursday) and one on a non-fast day (Saturday or Sunday) but of course the beauty of this WOE is flexibility...

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What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing the things that put me in this body shape in the first place?
Evidently, I can resist artificial sweetners, but not ice cream.
So yesterday I was fine - just fine - after my dinner of about a cup of Chicken Adobo, I actually felt surprisingly full in my stomach. But evidently I cannot leave well enough alone. I think by staying up late, I set myself up for trouble.
My mom has (had) a pint of Haagen Daas ice cream in the freezer. She does NOT have a problem with ice cream. But around 11pm I thought "since I have eaten more calories than yesterdays fast, and not enough for an "up" day, I'll just have a little ice cream".
A few spoons in and I was having a second conversation with myself "okay, that's enough, put it back and be done. You've done well today, don't make yesterday's efforts worthless..."
But I didn't listen to myself pleading me to stop, I finished what had been a nearly full pint,...

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