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No weight lost this week, in fact a small gain of quarter llb. How did that happen with 2 really good liquid fast days and a 5 mile hike on one of them! With an average loss of half pound a week, 7 weeks to go to Christmas and 4 lb to shed, I don't think it's going to happen :( Was really wanting to hit the 11st mark for Christmas - still I must and will press on - who knows I MAY just make it !! :neutral:
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So here I am, Fast day #no-idea.. much has happened since my last blog entry.

On the plus side: I've now lost 20 lbs. I'll see if that's inched further ahead when I weigh in on Friday. My goal had been 33 lbs total weight loss, so I hope to have reached the weight loss goal by the middle of April. In addition, fasting has become a complete and utter doddle for me. It's like I've reached a kind of zen like state. Even my non-fasting days are a bit easier to manage than before, though I do over-indulge some days.

On the hugely encouraging plus side: A lot of people keep commenting about my weight loss. It is such a boost to my determination. I also have a friend who is fasting now and has lost 12 lbs so far. It's great to have more face-to-face allies to share stories/ideas with! Most still look at me with a bit of surprise and curiosity when I tell them I'm fasting (many say 'oh I could never do that.. I'd get too hungry!' hard to explain how the hunger feel really does start to fade...

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And I really need to stop calling it a feast day, and call it a normal day to try and persuade myself to stick a) to my TDEE and b) to some vaguely healthy food. So far I have eaten:
3 round caramel wafer thingies (the ones you buy from Aldi / Lidls) on my way to the horses this morning – I know these are about 180 calories each.
Sausage egg & cheese bagel plus TWO hash browns from McDs for brekky
An egg sandwich plus a cupcake and handful of crisps for lunch. Oh, and a strawberry
A packet of wotsits
Half a packet of chewits
Half a bag of haribo starmix
Whoopsadoodle. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many calories I’ve nommed today?
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So as yesterday was my fast day I had a nice light day, some chicken (only about 30g as it wasn't that nice!) fruit and tomato soup with crackers for tea, very nice! oh also had my usual 9000 cups of tea! lol,

Today though, done a load of walking and spending of pounds! Sadly not on clothes (waiting till I hit another stone off to go shopping!) Went to the toy shop Smyths as they're having a big reduction on Skylander Giants (£5 reduced from £12) also got 2 of the new Swap Force ones for Sofia as she'd been a good girl and earned 15 "gold pennies" (£15) through helping to tidy up and being good! Did end up spending £48 but it's better than the £90 we would of had to pay if they were at full price!!

We also went to the zoo today where I did my full 10k steps and only got out of puff once! :victory: saw some baby meerkats which were a massive bundle of cute! ...

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Well, despite over eating especially over the new year, I think my weight gain of around 1.5 lb is not too bad. I have fasted, just as well as before Christmas but my eating in between fasting days is a bit chaotic. I have decided to drink more water on none fast days to see if that helps, and have started to slow my eating rate down. My problem is the binge eating, I hope that this improves over the next few months. I am hoping to loose 14-16 lb in 2014 and a further half a stone after then.
On a positive note, my son in law has started 5;2 this week and my wife announced that she is going to join me.
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