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Had Mum and Dad round for Chinese themed buffet tea on Sat (YUM) Thought I could be good - thought I could restrain myself....WRONG :cry: Didn't think I had overdone things til it came to dessert CHOCOLATE TRIFFLE. YEP weight went up and this time has decided to go on a very slow retreat.BUT I AM STLL UNDER 10st .....maybe that's it for me PLATEAUX ? time will tell :dazed:
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After the oddness of having fasted on a Monday, am feeling brilliant this morning. Woke up fairly early but am feeling raring to go. Reflecting back on the way I used to eat, as this is a non fast day, I will have a bowl of soup at lunchtime. I used to have four slices of bread slathered with butter and cold meat or cheese, as well as the bowl of soup, and then perhaps to gild the lily, a packet of crisps. Or perhaps two. Goodness knows, if I hadn't had that lot I might have died of starvation between breakfast and dinner.

It's the great thing about this way of life (it's not a diet) is the discovery that I can be hungry and that's fine. In fact it's better then fine, because I operate much better at work when I am not stuffed. I am thinking that I might try to eat what I used to eat as an experiment. If anyone's looking at this have you tried it?
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Well what I expected to be ligament trouble again is not. Doc referred me to the physiotherapist (again) & she poked, prodded, pulled & pushed & told me she thought my knee pain was a touch of arthritis :shock: She is arranging an x-ray to be sure.

She also advised using a walking stick when it's painful. A walking stick!! Need to avoid stairs too. A walking stick!! Physio gave me an exercise to help strengthen my quads but my goodness is it painful - eye wateringly so. She said if I don't, eventually my knee will start giving way which will lead to falls & broken bits & pieces.

Consequently this has affected my exercising. Getting into the gym is now a challenge. Bearing in mind the physical terrorist advised to avoid stairs where possible, I need to go up 2 flights to get to gym reception, go down 2 flights to changing rooms, back up 2 flights to the gym room, down 2 flights...

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hi all,

started the 5:2 back in mid jan. So far have lost just over 9 kgs and about 3 inches off waistline-most impressive thing though is a remarkable drop in cholesterol. 7.0 before the diet and now 5.6 in 10 weeks. Really happy with that-so going from borderline needing medication to more or less normal (for Uk).I shall continue and try and get it below 4.0. progress may be slower though as the weight loss slows down?
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Had a lovely day with friends ending with take away Pizza, a treat for me. Only managed three slices of a thin crust! I used to happily eat a large one on my own! Although I have eaten well today I have only eaten at meal times, nothing in between. I used to snack lots but now rarely do.
Tomorrow morning I do the long drive home and I will be fasting. I managed it on Wednesday so know I can do it tomorrow. Bring it on as they say.
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