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1st jan 80kg (12.8st)
Today 7th February 80.5kg (12.9st)
I'm happy as over the month I've been 3lb - 3.5 lb heavier, and I've only just started losing after my op and Xmas.

So .5kg increase. :confused:
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My original plan was two weeks of 4:3, 14:8. After reading more on this forum and due to diary commitments I have decided only to fast two days this week - which I have already done.

I'm now lost though. Can I part-fast? Should I calorie count? Do I just eat what I want?

I don't get it, and I feel uncomfortable. I like the structure and rules of other diets whereas this seems a suck it and see, and find which way works for you within quite a wide range of guidelines. I can see the advantage of that but for me, I am lost.

I have worked out my TDEE which depending on what method I use ranges from 1200 to 1700 so that gives me no help.

I need to lose weight and I don't want to waste time getting it wrong - what if I eat too much? what if I eat too little?


Today I have managed 14:10 (11am - 6pm) and I have eaten 1300calories of healthy and nutritional food ( I haven't eaten 1300 calories of cake...

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Well I lost 2lbs in the first week of this diet which is pretty good I think. It's motivated me to keep going. :like:

I quiet enjoy the fast days and have noticed a significant difference in how much I eat and what I eat on my non-fast days. I am a lot more conscious of what I decide to snack on or cook. Who knew that fruit had so many calories, maybe they are not that good for you after all! I used to snack quite a lot on fruit and always thought they would be really low calories but I guess not so I have more veg than fruit now.

A friend of mine has also done me a healthy eating plan for my non-fast days, low carb high protein to so I'm having all the right foods now and am upping my exercise levels (once I've shaken off this rotten cold and had a good nights sleep).

Overall I feel pretty good. I have been taking body measurements and they have also reduced since I started, so...

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Weight 9st 7.25lbs

So in the end it all went to pot. Got to hotel and had glass of wine. There was literally nothing for me ot order on the dinner menu that was relatively healthy. What I got wasn't even that great but the day went like this in the end:

bfast: 2 boiled eggs (140)
Lunch: frozen veg, cauliflower rice, soy sauce (80)
Dinner: red wine, fries, 1/2 pulled pork sambo, 1/2 battered cod, champagne, chocolates (1230)

That is a massive dinner....and the food was cold but I enjoyed the champagne treat.

The totals came in at 1449, 73gr carbs. Not the worst day but not a great semi fast- had hoped to stick around the 1000cals mark. It is also a precursor for next week when I'm going to be going to a hotel for the weekend so eating out fri, sat and part of sunday plus hotel breakfasts sigh. I will say that my portion control is better and had I known I was going to the hotel, I would have skipped breakfast and lunch and stuck to just dinner. That's what I intend to to do next week....

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Was originally going to do my second fast day on Thursday but had to move it to Wednesday due to work commitments.

Woke up hungry so decided to have breakfast. Bowl of porridge made with half milk, half water. That kept me full until lunchtime when I went for the Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon (a snip at only 12 calories a cup!). I did think I was going to be hungry in the afternoon but wasn't hungry at all.

Home for a light dinner of boiled eggs and Lentil, Tomato and Chilli soup. Felt compeltely stuffed afterwards!

Great night's sleep and up before the alarm went off. If all fast days are like this then it will be easy but I suspect I will hit some bumps along the way. :grin:
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