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My new dentist is FANTASTIC.Clearly explained all my options and costs.Has a real empathy with my initial fears/ much so that I now realise it was fear of the unknown. :neutral: He started to show me the tools/equipment and was explaining what each would be used for at each stage of my treatment :bugeyes: and then proceeded to administer the anaesetic and before I realised my face was numb and treatment commenced :grin: Now I find it is the noises and scrapping sensation felt that causes muscle tension and the unnecessary anxiety :dazed: What I did find amusing though was both the dentist...

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Well, I told myself if I made it to this point, I'd see if it was worth staying on and doing. It is. :like:
12 weeks in, 11.8# down. Couple of points down on the BMI. Needing a belt and moving to the 4th notch from the first. Better blood glucose readings, more energy and I'm wearing some clothes that were just a bit tight at Thanksgiving (Nov 2013). :lol: As much as I kept saying I liked it, it was great, I didn't really believe it would work for me, in my heart of hearts, I figured it would be another in a string of "try it diets" that would leave me too hungry, too deprived, too frustrated to continue. I'm not there, so I'll give it another 12 weeks - one week at a time, two fasts a week - and see how it goes, I'm thinking it will go well - if all of you are evidence of what I have to...

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This is my first blog but not my first diet. I have tried them all i.e.slimming shakes (very windy time), cabbage soup diet (you get the drift)...
I went to the doctor's over a week ago now and she suggested to try the 5:2 method. I thought 'oh well' give it a try (no enthusiasm at all). But something strange happened yay lost 5LBs since last Saturday. Totally gobsmacked.
I think my enthusiasm has clicked in and started to take it seriously. I drink greet tea on my fasting days which leaves you quite full and also leaving it has late as I can to eat. :confused:
This sort of works for me. I have taken measurements from everywhere and will re-measure in four weeks time. I am not one to be forever weighing ones self because I believe in that you will notice your weight loss with your clothes. Wish everyone the best!! Watch this space ...

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The last 10 days I have had lost focus a little bit.. didn't manage to make my fasting days, a lot of things happened in my life - but really - BAD EXCUSE :curse: ..

So now I am back on track. Today is my fasting day, the first in more than one week, I hope I can keep it all day long, tomorrow I have decided to make a low calorie days as well, like 1000 cals.. Hope it will get me back.. :like:
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Food wise it has been good. Minimal snacking and overall have not eaten a great deal. Another sleepless night and am so tired now.
Have not made much headway with sorting out my dad. I do have a phone call booked for Monday afternoon with the care home group manager. I have decided I am owing to push for dad to be assessed as I cannot decide the next stage without knowing his needs. I have been aware his dementia is worsening for some time and think he is no longer suitable for sheltered extra care. It is whether he needs nursing care yet. I also have to try to explain to him what is happening which will not be easy. He has no cognitive skills and does not understand when I tell him something. Writing it down is usually better. He also does not always understand who I am.
The chicks are happily settled outside and now using the ladder to get to the house. Tonight is the first time they will not have food and water overnight.
Nothing from the ducks sitting on eggs. It is a worry they may...

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