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Weight loss 400 grams wooohoo!!!! :like: :clover: :grin:
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Missed two fasts last week due to camping in sub-zero temperatures and attending exhausting classes all day, which was enough! But eating only what one can be bothered to cook in a small tent keeps intake pretty minimal!

Back on track this week with two fasting days. It's weird how much the hunger feelings have diminished to almost nothing during the day.
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Well, this is my first day... of the rest of my life!

My brother has been doing fasting for years for health benefits only (he's skinny, and always has been!). Lately though, with all the hype surrounding it, I've decided to read up and see what it's all about and can't WAIT to live longer!

Everything makes perfect sense; I :heart: the science behind it all! :geek: ...And, of course, I'm hoping to lose a bit of weight into the bargain!! :razz:

Good luck to all the others starting their fasts today! ...And no stuffing our faces tomorrow - This is a eating plan for the rest of forever, so it's back to normal, until the next time! ...

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So, I am fat and growing. Not quite back to where I started but working towards it. My life has been turned upside down.
After two years of battling with social services to get a care package for my father, I finally won. It was due to start on June 9th. On 3rd June dad was rushed into hospital with pneumonia. On the 4th I was told to go to over. We dropped everything in the lap of a good friend and caught the 1.25am train from Calais. By 2am we were in England but the hospital said to leave visiting until later as dad was sleeping comfortably. We arrived at the hospital on Friday 5th and one look told me it was the end. I stayed with him most of that day. I met the consultant and agreed no heroics. We had to return home on the night ferry as we had people arriving in our Gite on Saturday. We had just arrived home when the call came tomsay he died on the Saturday. So ends 30 years of looking after him and fighting his battles. It took three weeks to sort out the funeral. It was very quiet,...

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To our Finnish readers looking for 5:2 diet information in their native language I recommend checking out the site There are currently four useful articles about the diet. You find them by following this link: ... ton-salat/
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