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Had a good day yesterday, no brain hunger this time and I managed to get an extra walk in which may go some way to offsetting my extra calories. Cannot believe it is the third of March already, although the countryside is ready for Springtime with lots of catkins and spring flowers appearing.

Just under the 500 calories yesterday with my main intake being a low calorie ready meal (chicken dinner) with extra peas and a fat free yoghurt. And of course my 2 litres of fizzy water :geek:

Managed to dodge the housework quite nicely and when Mr LJ came in from work he complimented me on all my hard work :lol: I asked him what he thought was the best bet and he told me that "it all looks very nice" - I may tell him at some point that his observations were somewhat lacking....but not just yet maybe! ...

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... and stood on the scales.

Now this is interesting, because I've ended up fasting 3-4 days per week and this has made me realise that it's too much. Even on my 'feast days' I don't think I'm reaching my maximum calories.

I lost 10lbs in the first two weeks of 5:2/4:3. In the last TWELVE days (of daily 5-6 mile walks and much reduced calories) I've lost 1lb. One measly pound.

But I don't feel particularly despondent about it. I've noted from the forums that it can be weeks 3-7 where the body does odd things - like not get lighter! I'll carry on carrying on but this time make a pledge NOT to stand on the scales for another 4 weeks.

And now it's 9pm. I walked into town (2.5 miles), and broke my fast at 2pm with a small salad for lunch - broccoli, mangetout, rice noodles, chicken and focaccia bread. I went a bit giddy on the carbohydrates! Later, at 7pm I ate buffet snacks with a friend in another cafe and had tiramisu. Didn't manage to eat much though - my appetite has definitely diminished....

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I have been doing really well. However this week was hellish - working 14 hours a day. I fasted 3 times but was not prepared with my evening meals and probably went just over the 500. Then we get to the last fast on Friday. To start with i left my fitbit at home and it is the first one i have really felt hungry but i managed to 6pm and then had an evening appointment and had a couple of sandwiches there. I was supposed to be doing a workshop with the youth cafe but when i got there discovered it was cancelled. Everyone else at home was eating curry so i got tucked in and had some wine too! I did really enjoy it. Thought about doing another fast today but NO. Still lost 1lb so new fasting week on Monday and only 3lb to go to to have lost a stone so setting myself that goal next week :) It would be a great feeling to reach 1 stone mark ...

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I've blown my Christmas goal out of the window by exceeding loss by 2lb, had major surgery, but now I'm a bit lost. Seriously lost. Having given myself the goal of just maintaining I feel really wierd. Is this what it's like when you reach your final goal. A bit like empty nest syndrome when your kids have grown up and left.
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Or how to survive in a camp full of blokes!

I am now back in camp after a few days off over Xmas and New Year, mostly catching up with sleep and food that is somewhat better than school dinners for the masses.
I started working as a fly in fly out construction worker in January 2012 after realising I was going to die of boredom working for the Tasmanian public service, working for the roads department, devising pointless policies for road safety that the Minister would look at and then get scared of as it meant inconveniencing people who wanted to drive over the speed limit. But I digress.

In a moment of complete hopelessness I decided to apply for a job in WA as an Environmental Advisor with a company overseeing mine construction in the Pilbara. Much to my surprise I was offered the job; flying in and out of Hobart to Tom Price in the north west of WA. It meant a complete change of lifestyle; for one thing I was working three weeks out of four away from home which was going to be hard....

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