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I completed my first fast of week 3 yesterday and although got through it , from mid afternoon until evening felt light headed and fatigued . I don't mind feeling hungry but it's those symptoms that worry me as the ability to work and drive concern me . I would also like to go the Gym but it just doesn't seem possible yet on a fast day !
I don't mind persevering but would be reassuring if I knew it was all pa for the course and others have had similar experience ?
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The Girls Weekend really messed with the nice momentum I was feeling since starting. I came back with the expected weight gain, but kept on having UP days. So I basically had an UP week these past seven days :bugeyes: I will restart tomorrow and do 4:3 (Sat, Mon, Wed) until I get to at least 130. I'm afraid to weigh now. When I weighed on Tuesday I was up to 134. I haven't logged that anywhere. All my apps on the iPad and IPhone keep sending my annoying notifications reminding me that I haven't recorded my weight in a few days! Well I KNOW THAT! Can't you see I'm in denial!
On a good note, DH has lost 5 lbs! That more than makes up for my bump in the road.
He's happy about that and is all on board to do 4:3. Also, my daughter has lost 3 lbs. Yay!
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Well, I did it! Really was scared that my stomach would be upset with two flights on a day of fasting/repairing. Just another myth! See I can do it. Why do I doubt so much? What I'm learning: my body isn't some fragile thing that has to eat every few hours. Everytime I think I can't do it, I do! I thought I couldn't fast while visiting my sister, I thought I couldn't fast when flying and I thought I couldn't fast while exercising! I've done all of these things and very well too! And the best of all, I really like how I feel! I have more energy and feel in control of myself. (even though I pigged out at a party).

I will reach my goal weight! I have no doubt! Tomorrow morning I'll see how much I slid back while on vacation - but I'm not worried! I can lose the weight again.

Strange that my kids didn't even notice that I wasn't eating while flying half way across the US.
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Fasted that is. Not quite so easy but kept out of the house away from temptation and managed to last until my evening meal. I feel I could eat more but will not allow myself as I am within my 500cals. Currently drinking more water, it is weird but the more water I drink the more I want to drink. It means two nightly trips to the loo but I know it is good to be properly hydrated.
So, I had a glass of wine with dinner last night and enjoyed it. I refused the evening chocolate though. Although I cannot call myself alcohol free I am happy with an occasional glass of something. It is much better than the regular drinks. Moderation in all things.
I am tired this evening but feeling happy and looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.
Next fast is Thursday
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Still so many sweets, nuts and candy around the house but holidays are over and that kind of eating is over too. Tomorrow will be my second fast day. I joined the Valentine Challenge and hope to be in the 140s by Feb 14th.So thankful for all the encouragement here on the forum.
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