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Back to the real world. I had a wonderful 4 week European trip! Amazing and lots of food. My first night home I had gained 9 lbs! But it turned out to be a lot of water retention. My legs were swelled up from 24 hours of flights. So by the next morning I had dropped 5 lbs! wow and my legs looked normal. My stomachs been funny this first week home and haven't felt up to fasting/repairing. So today is my first fast in about 6 weeks. I want to lose those 5 lbs and get back to where I was before vacation.

Also, now that it is summer time, my 13 year old daughter is home and might notice that I'm not eating. I don't want her to worry about weight, so I'm trying to hide this diet from her.

I'm in the dumps because my vacation is over and I need to distract myself. Plan to go watch the hubby in a Kitesurfing race for cancer today. Just feeling sorry for myself. Get over it already!

Here's to a successful repair day.
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Weight: 8st 10.5

Still no further weight loss but thats ok. Today was a mess. I woke up at 6am with the dogs in pain from neutering and held off til 12pm to eat. Funny - no crashing today and I'd say that was due to the lack of carbs the day before or emphasis on protein. Carbs are the devil for me I've decided

12pm: 2 boiled eggs & small amount of cashews (170 cals)
4pm: crackers & goats cheese (300 cals)
7pm: chinese takeaway - fried rice, prawn crackers, shredded crispy chilli beef

I'd say it was about 2500 cals althogether witht that fatty takeaway. Feel horribly bloats and know I will pay on the scales. I hope I don't crash again. From tomorrow- the carbs are gone except those that come naturally from veggies etc

The day is a 2/10 as no loss, ate crap and felt crap quite a lot.
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Started 5:2 yesterday with a Fast day and was surprised how easy I found it! Maybe it is all that positive energy spurring me on!?
Had a black coffee mid morning; half a carton of very yummy pea & asparagus soup for lunch which I took my time to eat so I could savour every mouthful. Dinner was beans on toast on granary bread which I also truly enjoyed.
Wednesday is a good fast day as I take my daughter swimming straight after work so keep myself busy!
I really felt quite smug feeling that rumbly tumbly (to quote Pooh bear) and this morning my tummy felt ridiculously flatter - probably psychological, but still it felt good!
Did a 2nd fast day today and have even managed a swim.
I don't plan to do consecutive days from next week as Monday and Wednesday will work best for me, but this week it was the only way as I have quite a social weekend coming up...
Friends coming for dinner tomorrow night so hope to not go overboard!
Looking forward to weighing in on Monday, so fingers crossed!...

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Ate almost 2000 calories yesterday and felt so full and bloated at the end of the day, however woke this morning to find that I hadn't put on any weight.
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I've had two weeks break but my weight went up to 129.8 on Saturday, now two days later it's 127.8. It was such a rush this morning to wake and realise I had done it, I had completed a 40 hour fast. I'm stoked! I want to ride this feeling all day. Can't wait to do my next one. I have a watermelon waiting for me in the fridge for when true hunger sets in, but for now, onwards and downwards ( on the scale).
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