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Well, I reached my target weight and lost a little over five stone. Waist size still a bit large but I feel great.

The next step will be to see if I can get down to 12 stone by next September (2014). Then the big question will be "How do you stay on the 5:2 regime whilst not loosing weight and not eating larger portions on non-fasting days.

This diet appears to work for me. It was not too difficult (most of the time), maybe it was just my time. There WERE really hard time too. I hope this is a message of hope to all who are struggling and also a message of encouragement.

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Weigh in this morning and I was honestly gutted that I hadn't lost any weight this week. BUT.......and it's a big but. I got the tape measure out and found that I've lost 2 inches off my waist. Had to get my husband to double check. That's 3lb and 2 inches in a fortnight. So onwards and upwards. But I have been contemplating doing 5.3 any advice greatly received. :oops:
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Weight - 9.94 loss of 0.6 lb
Waist - 30 ins loss of 0.25 in
Hips - 39 ins loss of 0.25
Thighs N/C
Fat % 31.3 loss of 0.7%

I'm reasonably pleased with that, espcecially having read the thread regarding the average weight loss on this woe. At this rate I should theoretically be down to my target weight just in time for our holiday in Scotland in May. On my second fast day this week I saved all my calories for one meal in the evening. I never thought I would be able to do this, but it worked really well and may well do this on both fast days next week. :grin:

In addition as I'm doing the GNR this year (deferred from last year) I'll soon be embarking on a proper training plan for that. At the moment I'm doing 6-10 miles a week over 3 sessions on my treadmill, and may be one or two HIIT sessions on the t/m as well. I'm currently checking out training plans, and will probably start seriously in March....

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I have to admit I am inveterate jumper on scales every morning. How I admire those brave people who ignore them or only jump on once a week. Not me, I go into the bathroom and there they are, standing accusingly in between the loo and the sink. "Come on" they say "you just cannot resist me'. And nor can I.

Now these wicked scales can just give me my weight but with an extra click they can tell me a whole lot more nasty facts about my body. How much of me is water or bone or worse still, FAT! Now after many years these scales have me completely in their thrall. Weighing has to be done properly. First thing in the morning, after a pee and anything else, and in the nude. Bare feet of course or it couldn't put its nasty little electric current through me. Now in these last weeks of bitter cold I have refused going through the whole rigmarole and asked for just my weight - wearing socks.

Today it trapped me into going the whole way, water, bone, fat the lot. First it said...

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Is it me or does the 500 calories just open the flood-gate to hunger?
Would it be better to stick to a liquid fast?

Just wondering what is out there??? :confused:
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