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Today is my 2nd fast this week, my 2nd fast ever! The first one went well, but I'm afraid it was just the "high" of trying something new. Time will tell!

It's amazing the little bit of fear that went along with it - going a few hours with a little bit of hunger was a bit terrifying. But then liberating that I got thru it without dying. And then kind of exhilerating, I have to say!

Now, the "non fasting" (i loathe the term 'feed day') days were a bit excessive. Not so much food-wise, but treat-wise. I can see how this WOE keeps it "on your mind" so to speak, so you tend to eat a bit less food generally. Next is to work on the treats.

We'll see on Sunday at weigh in if I've actually lost anything!

At this point, I'll be happy to not see a GAIN!!!

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so I started this last Friday, today is my 2nd fast day I did start yesterday planning a fast but once I watched rick stein Indian food and the great British bake off I just had to eat! The flexibility of being able to switch my fast day to today has really helped me.

the realisation that veg oxo cubes has only 7 cals has helped me loads today I have had 2 when I felt like I wanted to eat but knew it was mainly boredom.

I've been fairly good over the weekend I did have Chinese Friday night and felt quite guilty the next day I need to get out of the habit of a takeaway on the weekend.

the only issue I had on my first fast day was a real bad headache, I'm hopeful that doesn't happen to me tonight as I have definitely upped my water, I am going to weigh and measure myself a week tomorrow by then I will have fasted this Sunday and next Tuesday so 4 fasts and hope to see a difference no matter how slight by then
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I think I'm getting the hang of things now, 2:13 and I've eaten a boiled egg, slice of toast and tea, plus plenty of water. Ive started using MyFitnessPal instead of calorie count so I've come in at 280 so far today, I will probably have soup later on this evening.

Yesterday I had only eaten 650 calls by dinner time but was concerned when the app said I might go in to starvation mode? So I topped up with a couple :wink: of glasses of wine.
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My second fast went like this:

Tinned tomatoes with herbs
Apple sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon

1 carrot
0% sugar jelly

Snacks: 2 more cups Bouillon

1 slice bread
1 extra light cheese triangle (can you tell I have a toddler?!)
salad of rocket, spring onion, tomatoes and carrot

The fast day went ok, although without the Bouillon I may have struggled! :razz:
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Weight : Prob over 9st but afraid to weigh

As always weekends are a disaster. This was a long weekend but I in fact surpassed my usual greed by eating a 3 course meal Sat for lunch, out for dinner Sat night, kebab and chips Sunday and kebab and chips yesterday. I'm full and bloated so I don't even want to look at food right now. TO be honest this liquid fast should be simple.

So I noticed that the last time I lost weight nearly got to my goal was by liquid fasting twice per week and limiting my carbs. Its too hard to cut out carbs completely ( and too expensive) but blogs are vcery useful to go back and see how you're eating in this way. I also seem to have used 16:8 in between and taken weekends off. Therefore, I am going to liquid fast Monday and Wed/Thurs from now on. I will do 16:8 the other days but weekends are off.

I have mushrooms in the fridge ( and a stinking cold) therefore I'll n be having tea and coffee all day. Then later I will have homemade mushroom soup if necessary...

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