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Soo I worked every single day this last week and had to also pick up my
Parents and aunt from the airport on two seperate occasions. I've also been driving around to meet up with them when I can since I haven't had any time off. Whoo it's been crazy!!! I've barely had a chance to breathe and Thursday my ADF kinda went to poop. I ended up at about 800-1000 calories instead of 500. Friday I had a pretty regular up day and then I did two "semi-fasts" on satersay and Sunday to try to even things our. I had about 1000 calories on both days. The anxiety and stress I have been under this past week with all the working traveling and being sick has been overwhelming. But I'll cut myself
Some slack. It's a new week, it's an up day, and I have a free weekend to spend with my fiancé only 6 dad away! lol hopefully this week will seem like a breeze compared to last week. I am enjoying being up today but I'm starting to crave a lot healthier foods than I did in week 1. Don't get me wrong I ...

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I expected today, as a day after a fast day, to be me desperately hunting for food like after a famine. I was wrong. It was ok. I wasn't any more hungry than normal. I'd say I was a little less hungry to be very honest. That's cause for a smile! :)

I eat because I thought I should. It's silly but I guess I was scared that I would suddenly get unmanagebly hungry.

Perhaps that's a lesson learnt: a fear to discard :like:

Today I also got a new phone which is exciting stuff and did lots of slow walking round town and the shops. I'm exhausted. Time for an early bed. Actually not the early night I planned is it?!! Going to go for another fast day tomorrow. Am experimenting with 4:3 just to see how it goes but dont want to put too much pressure on myself of course. So we'll see how that goes and try to keep busy...

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I am new to this but just wanted to say that the comments on the forum really act as a distraction when my stomach grumbles. The whole thing is a great support network and feels as if there is someone helping you along - what a good idea!
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Decided that my legs weren't up to running, so the ironing has been done instead.
Going shopping tomorrow as well, so today I will walk the 5k as in feeling tired and a bit of exercise should help.
Back to work tomorrow, just 3 hours.
Today's food

Gingerbread latte
Handful, of spacey Pringles and a glass of OJ whilst ironing.
1pm 1 and a half cheese and ham toasties
Muller light Greek style coconut yoghurt

Roast lamb
Few roast pots and parsnip
Steamed cabbage, sprouts, carrots


We don't tend to have puds

Fasting, and working tomoz,
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Original plan was to 4.3 , I've decided to 5.2 again as the weight is slowly moving, not enough to show on my tracker but it's coming off non the less.

Exercise is now reappearing in my life. So I'm really cool about things. Saw 12.9 this morning which is almost back to my pre Xmas low of 12.8.
Valentines challenge seems a long way off though.

Weight 12.9
Going to 16.8 today and the weekend.

Class this morning 6k steps, and 60 active mins.

Gingerbread latte

Poached eggs on toast
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