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Not really a new entry, I just don't want to lose this quote. Too hard to find one of those when its on one of the threads. Happy year end... :geek:
"Now its not a task but a WOL- not always easy but usually doable. " This was such a face palm for me! Light bulb moment, whatever you want to call it, I think ill have it tattooed on my arm! Isn't it funny how sometimes things just strike you out of the blue & make a huge difference in your motivation? Thanks, @julianna. :wink:
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I've now dropped to 11.9 and have 9 more to go to target! That should take me into the healthy BMI range.
But a strange thing has happened: I was sitting in the sun, waiting for hub, who is a keen photographer. I was down by the Menai Straight on Anglesey, admiring the view, when hub appears and starts photographing me. Normally, this makes me very shirty, but...... he took several photos and I just sat there smiling. Even for me, the results looked good!

Ok, I can see where I need to lose more weight, but I asked to come back to the same seat in October, when I'm hopefully at target (but still not 'slim') and repeat the experiment.

Am I going mad?

(One other thing; there's a fabulous pizzeria there, too, overlooking the water, so maybe we could pop along for a pizza too! Now, that would be a treat!)
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Day 1. Fast!!. By 9 I could of quit! , but stopped myself opening the cupboard door!! Yay me. I have placed glasses of water in spots around the house it seems to be working so far. . Have drunk 2 pints so far so fluid intake is good. Not looking forward to dinner as have 2 boys to feed! Yea time will be at 4 as work I'm evenings. Have no idea of what to have yet :( it makes me hungry thinking about it.
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hello Blog.

So mum has died. First the home was in Lock down due to a gastro attack. From the start of May I couldn't visit her.

Then we went to Adelaide. Mum got the gastro but only briefly, then she apparently recovered. While we were in Adelaide, the home rang me to say she was poorly, had stopped talking to them. Once they rang on my mobile in the middle of the night. I thought that was odd, especially when i rang them in the morning and was told there wasn't any change in her condition.

We came back on the Ferry on Tuesday night and on Wednesday I went to work, in the lesson before lunch, Tony rang the school and the office lady came to tell me that i had to go up to the home immediately. I left work.

Mum was lying on her side, she looked at me as if she knew me, but frequently her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was breathing through her mouth. I stayed until 6pm and then came home for tea. I went back and stayed the night. At times she was moaning and seemed...

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I always call myself a balkan beauty when I become a certain size and shape.
Maybe a bit more curvaceous than is technically healthy, okay, overweight!

But, splutter, splutter, in the event I landed on a desert island beach, you know, waving coconut palms and bleached driftwood, in only my two piece, we-ell, I'd be classed as a Balkan beauty!!! Not to mention how easy it would be to fast.... :wink:
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