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My last two weigh-ins have showed a slight increase, 1/2 a pound last week and 3/4 of a pound this week. I have had 5 fast days in the last fortnight and am surprised to see my weight gaining again.

Perhaps it is those little buggers we like to call 'hormones' which like to make us bloated and angry, maybe they are causing weight gain? Who knows. I am determined to stick with it though, it will come off again if it is water will...I hope. :cry:

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Today is Fast 43. Fast 42 was yesterday (because I didn't do it on Friday when I said I would). Thankfully it was a good repair day with only a plate of tenderstem broccoli. A grand total of 70 calories and a carb count of 4g.

My lower back is a bit sore this morning. It might be something to do with the fact that I spent 6 hours in the car on Saturday and yesterday quite a bit of time in the office behind my pc. I also have not done any meaningful exercise for nearly a couple of weeks. No yoga class today either. Added into the mix, eating rubbish (grains) always makes my joints creaky. If I get time this afternoon I might jump on the treadmill to try and get moving again. I have done a few sun salutations to try and ease my back a bit already this morning, but hopefully dashing around Waitrose for the next hour might perk me up.
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It is good to wake up in my home listening to the cockerel crowing and Suki cat asking for her breakfast. Despite all the muddle and the problems this latest trip to the UK has made me feel I want to be here.
It was a nightmare crossing, I was so sick. It was made difficult as I had fasted on Monday and Tuesday ended up being a fast too. Not intended you understand. I took dad out to lunch on Wednesday and we were booked to eat out with bil that evening. I did eat less than I used to but by the time we were heading home (via the tunnel) on Thursday I was so full.
I weighed this morning being the first of the month and according to my uneven flagstones I have gained a couple of pounds. The weird thing is I have not been plunged into deepest depression or been filled with the desire to eat six Mars Bars and three packets of biscuits as well as any cooking chocolate, raisins etc, you get the picture. I honestly am not bothered. By next month I hope it will be better but I know that once this...

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I started 5:2 on Monday. I had got to the point where I was really fed up with being heavier than is healthy for me – which usually happens about this weight (about 89kgs). I came across the 5:2 book which I had bought several months ago and not even opened yet - I had seen the original Horizon programme with Michael Moseley and been intrigued, but not motivated at that time, although all the science made sense to me.

I've decided to have fast days on Mondays and Thursdays (seems a popular choice). I felt a little bit apprehensive as to how I would feel – think a lot of people who have almost unlimited access to food are afraid of feeling hungry.

Tuesday's fast was surprisingly fine! I'd intended to get up and breakfast on porridge but I didn’t feel hungry and so didn’t eat as it seemed unnecessary. Had a quiet day at home, only went out to fetch prescription from doctors and popped into M&S while waiting for it at the chemists. I had read on the 5:2 forum earlier in the day of ...

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So, Saturday, Stu took Sofia to his mum and dads to give me a bit of a break, so i decided I was going to de-weed the garden and pot up some potatoes in an attempt to start my little veggie garden.

Well it does seem time flies when you're having fun, thought I'd spent an hour or so in the garden, nope 4 hours later and I was done! lol, but, due to the 4 hours of solid gardening my thighs and butt ache! Not so much as they did yesterday, but good god walking and sitting is still tricky! :curse:

But, I have started making more soups, very yummy soups! As I'm getting more adventurous i'm trying new forms of cooking meat, at the time of writing this blog post, I'm trying out poaching chicken, smells nice, let's hope it tastes as nice! I did make a very nice chicken and sweetcorn soup from the change4life app, going to try out the Mexican bean and tomato soup next from the app, looks so lovely!...

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