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Cold over, back at work today and fasting.
Ate alot out of boredom the last two days got a feeling I won't lose more than a lb this month, but then it has to be said I have been experimenting and now I feel I have the best way for me to go on, so even a very small losss this month is fine.
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The human mind is an amazing thing, it has very interesting ways of convincing you and making you believe in mirages. I was always a petite child and a young adult. I ate like a horse and still didn't put any weight. I believed that I was just one of those lucky people who would stay that way all my life. My family genetics seemed to hint at this too as my parents and my sister are very slim. So imagine my feelings for being the odd one out.
After the birth of my son I gained a few pounds and went from size 8 to size 10. A lot of people would say that is hardly an issue as it is a healthy size and I would agree with it too. But I was in a very unhealthy relationship and my ex was very domineering and critical. He kept on criticising my very small weight gain. I was a sleep deprived full time working exhausted new mother who was raising my young son single handedly as conveniently my ex decided to work 400 miles away at this very critical time when I needed his support the most. I...

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Fasting today and it is definitely becoming easier to 'manage' to get through the day without eating very much. Today, I had a sachet of miso soup and a banana as I feel it's too long to go without a snack. Thank goodness for decaf tea and skimmed milk!

I have found the in-between days odd at times, think my stomach needs to acclimatise and I just don't fancy foods like I used to. Well, more the types of food that I really shouldn't be eating such as crisps. Not a bad thing really.
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I'm now into week 8 on the 5:2 way of living and finding the fast days not too much trouble so far.
After some pretty impressive weight loss in the first 4 weeks, things had slowed down significantly and left me stuck on a plateau of 10 stone 2 for a couple of weeks. Hubby and I then jetted off to the sunny south of Portugal for a much needed week of relaxing, soaking up some warmth and drinking champagne in the hot tub :) We had packed our summer walking trousers for the holiday that we hadn't worn since last year, but when we tried to go waking on the first day, both our trousers were falling down so much we had to walk around with both hands holding up our waistbands! We had to make an emergency stop in a shopping centre to buy some new belts!
It was the first time I really started to believe I'd actually lost a significant amount of weight.
We had a total break from fasting for the week, but tried not...

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ok so now I have been at this new concept now for 5 weeks an d I am really happy the outcomes. I will be booking in to get bloods checked in a few months- my cholesterol was high even on a statin so I am keen to see my HDL rise and LDL fall. Clothes are starting to be loose around the waist too. Looking for a ball gown to wear to the ball in august- what size will it be?
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