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Well dismal scales today ..... Maybe feast days need to be more famine like

Sort of fasted today . Lunch got hi jacked with work and had veg minestrone soup and slice of rustic bread .... Think 450 calories . Going to eat veggies tonight but in reality will be 600 or so .... Grrrrrrrrr

So tomorrow will aim for 16:8 and a light meal and then fast again Wednesday ( proper fast )

Still feeling weak dizzy and rubbish .
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Well I never.......... I was always anti running because way back when I was a young wipper snapper (27 yrs old) I trained with cambridge united ladies football team. We used to run, and run and run. My friend wasn't a great runner so I stayed with her for company. I really wanted to go go go. Then I got pregnant, it was planned. Anyway back to the point. Today whilst doing the c25k I was doing the long run bit (on week 4 day 2) and I went somewhere.............I wasn't thinking about how long is it till I walk again. It was a bit of a shock, being the noisey, laughs a lot kind of gal. I whooped out Loud in my garage, on my treadmill. Because it is now My treadmill.
That's all.
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I expected today, as a day after a fast day, to be me desperately hunting for food like after a famine. I was wrong. It was ok. I wasn't any more hungry than normal. I'd say I was a little less hungry to be very honest. That's cause for a smile! :)

I eat because I thought I should. It's silly but I guess I was scared that I would suddenly get unmanagebly hungry.

Perhaps that's a lesson learnt: a fear to discard :like:

Today I also got a new phone which is exciting stuff and did lots of slow walking round town and the shops. I'm exhausted. Time for an early bed. Actually not the early night I planned is it?!! Going to go for another fast day tomorrow. Am experimenting with 4:3 just to see how it goes but dont want to put too much pressure on myself of course. So we'll see how that goes and try to keep busy...

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Weight: 8st 10.5

Still no further weight loss but thats ok. Today was a mess. I woke up at 6am with the dogs in pain from neutering and held off til 12pm to eat. Funny - no crashing today and I'd say that was due to the lack of carbs the day before or emphasis on protein. Carbs are the devil for me I've decided

12pm: 2 boiled eggs & small amount of cashews (170 cals)
4pm: crackers & goats cheese (300 cals)
7pm: chinese takeaway - fried rice, prawn crackers, shredded crispy chilli beef

I'd say it was about 2500 cals althogether witht that fatty takeaway. Feel horribly bloats and know I will pay on the scales. I hope I don't crash again. From tomorrow- the carbs are gone except those that come naturally from veggies etc

The day is a 2/10 as no loss, ate crap and felt crap quite a lot.
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Hi everyone

I have been a member of this forum for a long time although have no idea how to start a new post, so glad to find this blog option. Whilst looking at the 3 courses on offer, I read the sample 'personalised plan' and noted a reference to a post called "Are you addicted to being busy" - I have searched on all of these words and just 'addicted to being busy' without success. My calendar is very full any many of my interests are on different days of the week so a regular fast on specific days does not suit me and I wondered if one of the Courses would help.

If anyone can let me know where I can find the 'busy' post, I will be most greatful

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