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I don't know whether it's been playing on my mind but I'm sure there is more room in bed. I have a silly habit of;
1st - lie on my right side
2nd - turn over to my left and then 5 seconds later my tummy follows :oops:

Then I repeat all over again and again and again (get the visualisation). I eventually fall asleep on my left side. Now when I've been doing this bedroom gymnastics everynight my body seems to be more responsive. In other words when I turn over it's not so much of a mountain to shift :grin:

Now, my hubby steals all of the bed (seems like it), I feel like I have more room . So yay, this is a better way of life :lol:

Repairing Tuesday ,Thursday and 16/8 3 days a week
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I would never have believed Philip Scofield would change my life...perhaps it's too early to say that outright but I'm going to give it a go and time will tell. A few days ago I saw the article regarding a diet he was on. I researched and it sounded pretty good. Further investigation lead me to the Horizon programme. Before the end I was a convert. :smile:
I have multiple sclerosis so any thing that might give me a few new brain cells sounds good to me. I'm not overweight but know I feel happier under 8 stone. At present I'm 5lbs over so hopefully this diet will assist with that also. :?:
Wednesday was my first Fast day and suddenly I had so much energy...I completed a HUGE pile of ironing, admittedly sitting down, but it's now done. Following a 'normal' day yesterday I noticed how small my appetite was...hey...

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Fast Day 7 and the best yet! No food till dinner, which was a green salad and a small portion of homemade macaroni and cheese. I was planning steak and salad, but it's just too hot to cook. So a high carb meal it is :bugeyes:
I interested to see how I feel tomorrow because after Monday's fast, I had a strange day on Tuesday - felt dizzy and quite weak all day. I'm not sure if it was related to the fast day or something else, but I can't think what :confused: .
Weigh in day tomorrow and I'm excited! Hopefully I will see some change, especially since it's after a fast day. At first I thought it was best to weigh in 2 days after a fast to be more accurate, but after reading a tip somewhere on the forum, I like the idea of always weighing in after my second fast of the week i.e. Friday....

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Last Thursday me and the computer couldn't get along and try as I might to post on the forum, nothing worked. I tried to write a blog and that didn't appear! Computers!

My Thursday fast was interesting because I was 'out' instead of 'at home'. I went to a Tapestry workshop and we had to bring lunch to share. I decided to skip breakfast, which I never do and to eat a small lunch and dinner. I took 41 Degrees South smoked salmon as my contribution and had some of that with some quinoa and vegetables, some cucumber and a fig for lunch. Prior to that when I was feeling ravenous, the host had brought out cheese and nibblies as people were arriving at the workshop at 11 am. I didn't like that! I suggested to her that we get the workshop happening straight away and stop for lunch later and this was supported by the people giving the workshop. Phew! Then in the afternoon I had to cope with cream lemon crisp biscuits put out on the table right in front of me. I coped. I just kept on stitching....

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Given that I have made a complete hash of my weight loss journey so far, this is my attempt to put myself back on track.

I have spent my entire life trying to lose weight one way or another and hopefully this will be the moment I change my way of life. Prior to this I did two 12 week programs, the first in which I lost 5kg and the second I lost a kg, all of which combined to make me miserable through eating extraordinarily dull food and the prospect of never eating anything nice again. Not for me!

So I embarked on 5:2 in January and started off well but then went on a four month food fest around the world with my dearly beloved. Needless to say I cam back 5kg heavier so not only am I back to square one and then some!
I am now attempting 5:2 plus 16:8 three days a week and live a little on the weekends but not too much of a glutton, hopefully. I am also going to try and keep track of my TDEE. I find this difficult as we cook a lot of curries etc which isn't always easy to keep track of....

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