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...sang Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. And she's right. It IS a very good place to start. Tomorrow is my first fast day. So I know that the only way I can psych myself up for this is to forget everything I've learned from the years of yoyo dieting and begin as if I have never tried to lose weight before. It's the only way I can silence the natural sceptic in me, who has been saying "Another diet, huh? What makes you think this will succeed in the long-term where others have failed?'
Well, to that I will say "Shut up sceptic, I have never been on a diet before, you sir are talking nonsense."

So here I am, at The Very Beginning of my journey to better health, longer life and the smaller waist that has thus far eluded me. And I couldn't be more excited!
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Just a quick update, but feel I am back on track - my True Weight (Apple App) is 207.7 so continue slow progress. I fasted Monday-Wednesday, but still prefer my regular Monday-Thursday.
We have continued to bike quite a bit, but fear I may be using that as an excuse to walk less. Should be boosting my daily activity level.
Vancouver has been having near perfect summer weather and I should be taking advantage of it. Almost 30 days without rain, a nice break but lawns and gardens could certainly use some moisture.
Tonight if the first of the Celebration on Lights firework shows, another Wednesday and next Saturday. They estimate a half million spectators line Enlgish Bay for these spectacular displays.
Got my annual Blood Work test results back and improvement over last year, I just realized the my knees seem to be complaining less with my near 20 lbs of weight loss.
Hope everyone enjoys these last weeks of summer. ...

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Right then, being stuck for such a long time at one weight, figured it's time to go a bit more hardcore. I happily drink black coffee when camping and only when camping - evolved from necessity but now almost prefer it in that setting - so I guess I can learn to like it on fast days. Did that Monday, and it makes things feel quite different, in a good way. Also had to walk up the biggest hill in Brighton carrying a banjo, and felt mildly hungry most of the day which I welcomed as a reminder.

Then evening. For the first time in living memory, no red wine at all. Not even the couple of tablespoons I allow on fast days, as it usually becomes a couple tablespoons more... I don't think I was going over my 500 cal, but then again, may have done, sometimes?

With these two changes, it'll be easier to stay well under 500, and also feel like I'm appoaching the whole day with increased resolve.
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Cold over, back at work today and fasting.
Ate alot out of boredom the last two days got a feeling I won't lose more than a lb this month, but then it has to be said I have been experimenting and now I feel I have the best way for me to go on, so even a very small losss this month is fine.
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1st jan 80kg (12.8st)
Today 7th February 80.5kg (12.9st)
I'm happy as over the month I've been 3lb - 3.5 lb heavier, and I've only just started losing after my op and Xmas.

So .5kg increase. :confused:
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