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I feel I have settled into a routine with this now and am entirely comfortable with it. This month I have two weekends of friends staying that will include a fasting day each time. I will still fast as it is my day to do so and will do a Hairy Dieters recipe for the evening meal. I am determined to keep my fast days set.
The latest bout of homesickness is back in its box with the lid nailed on tight. I am aware of it but am in control. Much the same as when fasting I tell myself I can have it tomorrow, the same applies to my need to go home. Tomorrow, or one day, it will happen. I am thinking of changing my name to Scarlet!
Our first guests depart this morning and the second ones arrive this afternoon. In between I will change the bed, towels etc and clean the Gite. Then I have to get a bit of shopping for the welcome pack and restock the cleaning products, toilet rolls etc. A busy day. I will be sorry to see our first lot go as we have enjoyed their company. We have had an enquiry from...

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Hmm, I am getting confused with my days, but I didn't blog yesterday, so I must have 2 days to cover?? Should have put a day of the week against the number.

Re my last post, I felt fine the next day (yesterday?) after the mid evening snack.

Furthermore, I am pleased with myself after yesterday re my food management. I might ask Pernelle to give me a halo I think, for the challenge.

I had something very upsetting happen in the afternoon (won't go into details) and my usual reaction would be to have some chocolate.. But somehow I managed to keep focusing on my actual hunger and whether I really fancied the chocolate, which I didn't. So I didn't have any. Mini miracle. I did have some cottage cheese mid evening, but was happy with that decision. I did have some red wine too, but that was before dinner and I was happy with that decision too.

This morning I felt good about the choices I had made yesterday. (Salmon salad - lots of veg - with avocado, quinoa, sultanas and walnuts plus a slice...

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I have just been looking at my projected target weight date and it is some time in 2015. I only have 11 3/4 pounds to go. I should be able to do that in 12 weeks. I must stop eating sweets, chips and ice-cream and start counting my calories. My TDEE is now under 1500.

So from today I am back on 16:8 and I am going to start using My Fitness Pal.

But the good news is that I have lost almost a stone now. It can be done. Keep going!!
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Popped back up to the 155 range this morning (10/30/2017), but feels like this is the ceiling instead of the floor this time, which is encouraging. Besides, my monthly cycles appeared today, so must allow extra variations this week in the wrong direction. I had meant for today to be a fast day, but now that's not such a good idea. The Christmas Challenge has started, but I wasn't going to begin my new goals until wednesday, November 1st, anyways, which works out quite well with the fatigue and weakness of my monthly visitor. No exercise for me today! The couch calls to me! :razz:

I did get in plenty of fiber, though (good to have lots of practise before my real daily challenge begins), equalling to about 35g of fiber for the day of 1715 calories -- well over my 25g goal.

Things I've learned this week:
-5 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder contains 10g of fiber! And when mixed with 25g of sugar and...

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The GDA for a woman is 2000kcals per day. Pah. Mine is <1300kcals on an active day. When are these going to be formally revised enough to be useful and relevant enough to guide individuals?

I've just had a rude wake-up about my BMR. It was last formally calculated when I had my Dexa scan and estimated using my measured amount of skeletal muscle mass (rather than an estimate) and the Miffin St Jeor formula. At that time it was <1100kcals for the BMR with a proposed TDEE multiplier of 1.5 for days on which I kayak, and 1.2 otherwise.

I've just re-run the calculations for my present weight (assuming no loss of lean body mass).

BMR is now <900kcals because of my low levels of muscle mass.

Projected TDEE is approx. 1000kcals on a sedentary day and 1275kcals on an active day (such as one when I kayak).

Now, my TDEE tends to be slightly higher than that because I reverse dieted for several months but I'm horrified at these levels. The more so as I'm trying to plan for my time post-surgery...

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