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Weight - 9.94 loss of 0.6 lb
Waist - 30 ins loss of 0.25 in
Hips - 39 ins loss of 0.25
Thighs N/C
Fat % 31.3 loss of 0.7%

I'm reasonably pleased with that, espcecially having read the thread regarding the average weight loss on this woe. At this rate I should theoretically be down to my target weight just in time for our holiday in Scotland in May. On my second fast day this week I saved all my calories for one meal in the evening. I never thought I would be able to do this, but it worked really well and may well do this on both fast days next week. :grin:

In addition as I'm doing the GNR this year (deferred from last year) I'll soon be embarking on a proper training plan for that. At the moment I'm doing 6-10 miles a week over 3 sessions on my treadmill, and may be one or two HIIT sessions on the t/m as well. I'm currently checking out training plans, and will probably start seriously in March....

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I blame tiredness and the time zone shift. On the other hand, I have come to appreciate the variation of food here in the UK. Yes I have missed it. On Saturday I ate a venison pie here, and jolly nice it was too. Even the smell of fish and chips is something you don't get in the US (its the strong smell of vinegar that took me back to childhood memories).

Fasting awaits when I get back. I'm hoping I can get into a proper routine - summer is coming and I have 10 weeks to be bikini ready....

I will probably eat on the plane today but avoid the carbs This will get me in the zone for fasting tomorrow.
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I am very glad to say that I seem to be back on track.
I have successfully completed fast 15 on Tuesday and fast 16 is nearing it's end today. :oops:
I realized that I have to make sure that I don't eat too little the night before as I then would start a fast day starving already a soon as I wake up which for my is not a good way to keep going.
On a fast day it is best for me to have lots of lean proteins and veg that aren't too full of carbohydrate. On the fast days that went wrong I had had homemade soup out of carrots and some lean bacon- but that was already too rich in carbohydrates I think as I ended up binging right after lunch.
My eating plan for a fast day is: no breakfast, baked cod and veg for lunch and two eggs and lean bacon and lots of green pepper and cucumber for tea.
I also restrict my black coffee intake to three cups a day and rather drink lots of tea: black, green or herbal....

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Here we go! day 2! starting out strong. didn't feel peckish until after 10pm. Had a trusty apple. Have some fresh strawberries sitting in the fridge for later, as well as some lovely asparagus.
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I'm so determined to make this WOE work for me! As I mentioned in my newbie post, I deserve the beautiful body that I so desperately want.
Day 1 has been fine, very much calorie and portion controlled, although my head is pure lifting this evening! Oh well, the price to pay!

Earlier on I was offered a heap of biscuits and as much as I would have loved them, I thought to myself "Ok Janie, here's the deal. Have these biscuits and feel mad guilty, or leave them and feel smug!" So I left them and opted for a black coffee and a few grapes - smug mode activated!

Fast day tomorrow, all organised.

I am under no illusions. I know this is NOT a quick fix. I know I won't wake up 7lbs lighter in the morning, but I won't wake up 7lbs heavier either...and that's a start.

If this motivation keeps up, I know I can do it. I will do it. :victory: ...

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