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Jamie went home today :cry: I managed to hold it together and not cry as I said goodbye because I know I'll see him again soon. But once I got home I guess I had this empty feeling and my way of dealing with it was to totally pig out. I hate myself for allowing my emotions to get the better of me, and I'm very much regretting it now as it's nearly 5am and I'm still awake because I feel so sick. Even though I fasted twice this week I still had a weight gain because I was eating crap when I wasn't fasting. I can't even justify that I tried to be good because I really didn't try. I knew I would have a gain, and I guess 1lb isn't bad (could have been a lot worse) but I'm still a little disappointed in myself that I've undone some of my hard work. Maybe I'll try 4:3 next week and try to undo some of the damage.

So, my mother has started again about this WOE, totally laying into me about it and while...

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Well, it continues to go well. I have now lost half a stone. This week I have decided to do 3:4 as my holiday is only just over a week away and I wanted to make as much progress as possible. I was also reading the advice on here about weighing every day and then taking an average. Up to now I have been reluctant to do this as I think that if I am heavier one day it is too disappointing. Still, this week has been amazing so far - the weight has been steadily going down: this morning it was 9-3.75. I am hoping to get to 9-2 before the holiday. The good news is that I can now get into most of my safari trousers - some I will even need a belt with!

I was thinking about holidays - I am fortunate in that I do have quite a lot of them and often I do not enjoy them or am hugely stressed by them as I have nothing and I mean literally , nothing to wear as I have refused to buy bigger clothes whilst my weight kept on going up! Once I get to my target weight I will...

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For anyone with a daft sense of humour I thought I'd start Nog's Blogs, never considered doing one before so no idea what I'm doing, but that's never stopped me in life, so here we go ....... a barmy way of looking at life without going 'off topic' or 'hi-jacking' someone elses thread :like:

Read these blogs at your own risk :confused:

Seeing as we've started to discuss Mankinis and there was a request for a picky of yours truly wearing said item :bugeyes: here we go ....... :heart:

Don't splutter on your cornflakes missus ...

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Day 22 on the diet. It's going by quickly and I'm down about 2.5 pounds in 3 weeks. I had hoped to be more but I know its my own fault - weekends are a mare and I have been eating the wrong types of food too. Last night I got no sleep. As I suspected, we were back at square one with the sleep training after the weekend away. Little man woke from 315am until 550am. So I just got up. My back is much improved though but I am wrecked. Night off tonight.

Today is World Premature Baby day and we shall be celebrating it with the hospital I gave birth in. Its extremely emotional and I have a lump in my throat all morning. I didn't do the best today as I know I'd be eating out. It looked like this:

Bfast: 2slices toast (174)
Lunch: chicken sambo and chips (768)
Dinner: Haribo jellys and half pizza (536)

Total 1478 and none of it very healthy. I didn't even like my lunch and only picked at it in the pub. HOwever, its better to overestimate the calories. I wouldn't have eaten the pizza only I know...

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Lost well at first with fasting then weight stabilised and couple of weeks went by without losing which at the time was very frustrating. However I recognise the pattern and kept telling myself that this was just my body making adjustments. Last week I didn't fast because of my Mum dying and surprisingly lost 2lb. I fasted yesterday and this morning the scales show another 1lb gone. I am expecting this to wobble a bit, up again then down then up and then start going down again. It seems as if every time I lose a few lbs my body needs to stop and sort itself out before I can lose any more. So instead of a nice straight line moving towards my goal my weight loss is up and down, but mainly down, it just needs time to see the overall trend.
So I feel I'm back on track. I want to be kind to myself over the next few weeks as have lots to sort out both emotionally and practically with my mum dying. But I find the 5:2 fasting very easy to do and will carry on. I've given myself until Easter to...

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